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TikTok: 5 unmissable pages for your next gastronomic outing in Lima

Among the millions of videos that are uploaded to TikTokthe most used social network of the moment, the theme gastronomy it is one of the most engaged and generates the interest –and fury– of content creators and their followers. With a cell phone in hand, young lovers of Peruvian cuisine and its cocktails, visit new places, traditional restaurants, try famous dishes, compare prices and share their impressions. They also prepare recipes and leave their best tips!

Below we show five accounts of TikTok Peruvian women with more than 100 thousand followers and their best recommendations to have a good time around a table with Peruvian flavor. What other food ‘tiktokers’ do you know and would you recommend?

1. Elfoodieloo

Mainly known for uploading videos of very simple recipes from sandwiches, teriyaki wings, ceviches, to pasta and many more. He also visits trending restaurants, new spaces in Lima and even routes in other countries. Among his most viewed and commented videos are the ramen soup versus and the recipe for wings in acevichada sauce.

2. Eat everything

Dessert recipes, Creole food and cocktails. On this TikTok page you will find the unmissable recipes, several of them are prepared with an air fryer. At @atodoomer you will find videos of his forays into restaurants and his recommendations for the best dishes, as well as prices. Giu, her hostess, often posts videos with new cocktails and the places to find them.

3. Cravings

This couple of tiktokers visit restaurants in different districts of Lima, write down the prices, the details of the dishes and the menu, as well as their creams and accessories. In his videos you will find many recommendations for restaurant promotions that are worth ordering between two. Several of his videos show his experiences in restaurants in Cusco.

4. Handlebars

Manu Rivera is the tiktoker that will guide you through new places to eat in Lima and will leave the best recommendations to put together your weekend plans. Visit cafes, restaurants to enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner; bars, hotels and places out of the ordinary. If you are looking for ‘petfriendly’ places, here you will find where you can go.

5. Magistrates

Full cocktails and the best tips to drink and enjoy responsibly. This couple of young cocktail fans visit the best bars in the city and share the fixed ones to live an enjoyable experience with knowledge of the facts. They also share board games and options to have fun during your meetings.

Source: Elcomercio

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