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Tip Top: what should you order in the oldest fast food restaurant in Lima?


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Without a doubt, the bet of restaurants in Lima is growing more and more and with it the different styles of food they offer. But let’s face it, there are some classics that you always come back to. Whether with family or friends, there are restaurants that win the hearts of more than one with a menu full of delicacies. That is precisely the case of Tip Top, which was founded in 1953. Advantage visited the premises located in Lince and we will tell you all about the experience.

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The dynamics of the first fast food restaurant in Lima is quite simple and effective. In the ordering area you have access to the menu to see what you want to enjoy and then you are called by speaker (under the number of the table you are at) and you will receive your order. In addition, you can order via delivery or bet on the take out, that is, the order of food to go. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, they are not serving in vehicles, a format that characterized them.

Definitely what stands out the most in the restaurant are its sausages. Who doesn’t love them? The simplicity of crispy French fries accompanied by well-cooked and flavorful sausage is a winning combination any way you look at it. In addition, they offer some versions accompanied by delicious fried eggs or an unmissable chicken crackling: crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Another of the classics that we managed to enjoy is the Tiptorella, a sliced ​​bread sandwich with chicken, ham, cheese and tomato sauce, topped with a layer of melted mozzarella cheese and accompanied by a generous portion of French fries.

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Everything was fried to the perfect temperature, crispy where it should be and soft and juicy where it belongs. The potatoes are abundant and the cuts are large and imposing, reminiscent of the chicken shops of yesteryear that chose to cut the potatoes on the premises. With the right amount of salt and they were served at a good temperature.

One of the best known dishes on the menu is the "Tiptorella" an interesting twist on the classic triple.  (Photo: Cesar Campos / GEC)

Other sandwiches that they offer are the classic club sandwich, the kilometer which is a beef frankfurter sausage with a touch of pickles, also known as pickled gherkins. You can add cheese and/or bacon to this. In addition, they offer versions of hamburgers and other sandwiches such as royal, mixed and triple.

The appetizers also include the well-known chicharrón de pollo, loin, heart or chicken anticuchos with french fries and a wide variety of a la carte dishes and grilled chicken offerings.

The Mega trio consists of chicken crackling, sausage and French fries.  A hit with your guests!  (Photo: Cesar Campos / GEC)


If we talk about the Tip Top, and especially now that the hot days are coming, we also talk about cold drinks and, of course, delicious desserts and ice creams. On this occasion we were able to enter the kitchen and see how a delicious, creamy and sweet lucuma milkshake was prepared, with the ice cream that they offer there. In addition, they prepared an ice cream soda for us, an unexpected but very balanced drink based on ice cream and sparkling water.

For ice cream lovers, they offer a menu that includes more than 15 options, among which we have the classic zambito (an ice cream served in a wafer and covered with a thin layer of chocolate), peach melba or banana tip cups and even sweet sundaes with salads. of fruit. But don’t worry, if you prefer other types of desserts, you can bet on pancakes with honey, blancmange, jam or peach, perhaps a slice of lemon pie or if it’s more classic, you won’t regret it if you ask for a slice of cream flipped.

One of the workers showed us how to make ice cream soda, a classic frozen drink at the restaurant.  (Photo: Cesar Campos / GEC)


Tip Top It has two stores in Lince (Av. Arenales 2499) and Miraflores (C. Berlin 200). They serve locally from Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 10 pm and delivery from 11 am to 9 pm You can learn more about their menu, location and information on their Instagram account @tiptop_oficial.


Source: Elcomercio

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