OpinionThis knotted table demonstrates the difficulties of communicating

This knotted table demonstrates the difficulties of communicating


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Sometimes they say that sharing time at a table with your family, partner or friends is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your relationships as it is an open space where everyone is face to face. But what happens when it doesn’t help achieve that goal?

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Artist Michael Beitz put a radical twist on the idea of ​​a dining table by creating his sculpture Not Now. It is an 8 meter long piece of wood that at the ends looks like a common table, however in the center there is a “knot” which prevents people sitting on it from communicating.

This visual obstruction in the middle of Not Now It can be understood as an allegory to the communication problems that currently exist in the homes of the world, either due to lack of time or desire on the part of both subjects.

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The wood has been worked in detail achieving beautiful and elegant curves with a smooth finish. All of Beitz’s work in Not Now it was made by hand.


Source: Elcomercio

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