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Tori Pollería: 5 delicacies for which you will want to try this new gastronomic concept right now


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When we talk about Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura the words that come to mind are quality, creativity and excellence, to name a few. The renowned chef has managed to make a name for himself in this industry at an international level thanks to the restaurant maid. Therefore, when he announced his foray into the universe of grilled chicken, great expectations were generated. Which were completely surpassed when Tori Pollería was inaugurated. She was first a dark kitchen and currently they have a place in Miraflores, where they offer a differentiated menu that offers some delicacies that are worth commenting on. Advantage visited his new space and here we tell you all about the dishes you must try on your next visit.

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“Two years before the pandemic we had a project to open a chicken shop in Spain. Later, that project was changed to open a restaurant in Colombia, but the pandemic came and changed everything,” he tells us. Cesar ChoyTsumura’s partner in this restaurant and in charge of operations.

Despite the complex situation, they decided not to stay with the desire and inaugurated Tori Chicken Shopan dark kitchen that offered grilled chicken with its usual accessories: fries, salad and sauces, but also with a side dish that every Peruvian enjoys: the hoop rice. “Once we positioned ourselves with grilled chicken and got into the minds of the public with this dish, we opened the place in Miraflores,” says Choy.

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The idea was not only to win over diners with a succulent grilled chicken, but also to show and explore all the options offered by the chicken as an ingredient. For this reason, in this new space they have a different menu and more options to enjoy. “We always knew that we wanted to open a place, because we know that the experience will never be the same and we wanted people to enjoy not only quality food, but also good service,” explains the partner.

In their lounge menu they offer appetizers like to start with the feast, grilled chicken, two types of sandwiches and the section of classics in our style, where we can find dishes such as salchipapa, chicken stir fry and chaufa chicken rice, to name a few.

Grilled chicken

The trick to achieve a succulent grilled chicken is in impregnating the bird with flavor under the skin and they know that perfectly in tori. Here you will not find a chicken with mild and light flavors, here it is about rescuing that usual taste and raising it to its maximum power. Therefore, each bite is perfect: a mix between the softness and juices of the meat and the crunchiness and full of flavor of the skin. It is one of the chickens that is worth eating by hand.

His favorite accompaniment is potato chips and in this case they prepare them so well that they are addictive. As César comments, they use potatoes that are in season, which guarantees that quality side dishes can always be enjoyed. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside -almost like a purée- these tubers go perfectly with the delicious sauces offered at the restaurant.

If you are looking for a fresh touch, the two options of salads they offer are perfect: they have quality vegetables, cooked to perfection and seasoned with a delicious vinaigrette. Another favorite is bye, a forceful preparation whose smoky flavor goes perfectly with a piece of grilled chicken. If you want to visit them, you can enjoy another side dish: rice with corn.


eating a tequeño it can be a bad experience or a good one: bad, when they offer us a tiny filler that doesn’t feel like it or is dry; and good, when they don’t skimp on the filling and offer us flavors that go beyond melted cheese.

Tori seems to have managed to prepare one of the best tequeños we’ve tasted. The abundant filling is grilled chicken, ham, cheese, bacon and a white sauce that gives it the moist touch it needs -so as not to get tired of eating and finish the portion by ourselves-. And the dough? Perfect, thin, crispy and well cooked.

Tori Broster

When we think of all the chicken preparations that we can enjoy, a very Peruvian version is the broster. In this case, the restaurant gives it its special touch, drawing inspiration from the korean style crispy chicken. With all his mastery we were able to enjoy a succulent encounter, leg and wing served with a sauce that surprised and conquered us for its bittersweet and slightly spicy flavor. Each bite was an explosion in the mouth and it was impossible to stop eating it.

Chicken milanese

One of the favorite dishes of adults and children is the breaded. In its simplicity, two things that we love madly are rescued: bread and fried foods. In this case, tori He presents us with a milanesa that occupies the entire plate and that, probably, can be enjoyed between two. The breaded it is tasty and perfect, it does not separate from the chicken after it is cooked. To cook it they don’t use a frying pan and plenty of oil -like many- but they put it on a griddle and the golden color is given by the touch of butter with which it is cooked.

It can be enjoyed with a creamy mashed potatoes and its classic grained rice with sweet corn, a combination that we enjoy on the menu at home, even. If you prefer other side dishes, it can be served with French fries or two types of salads.

Wantan Tori

Believe it or not, the wontons They are a perfect snack not only when we visit the chifas and here they teach us that they can go very well with other foods. With a generous filling, this snack is prepared with chicken ground, sesame oil, chifera sauce, vegetables and Chinese cinnamon. When cooked, they achieve a juicy interior, without losing the firmness of the outer layer, made with siu kao dough -which differentiates this wonton from others-. It is served with the classic Tamarind sauce which falls to perfection.


  • Tori Chicken Shop open from Monday to Sunday, from 12:30 pm to 10:30 pm at its Miraflores location, located at Calle José Gálvez 390. The hours of the delivery It is from Monday to Sunday, from noon to 10 pm To place orders you can call (01) 500 6188 or find them at Rappi. Get to know the cards delivery and salon service on its website.

Source: Elcomercio

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