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Makis, pokes and tartars: Kaia’s best options are now in Lima for delivery


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In search of healthy alternatives and food nikki in Punta Hermosa, photographer Yasmin Kahatt and her husband decided to create their own concept on this southern beach. This is how Kaia was born -–a year ago and facing the pandemic–, a fresh food restaurant with innovations such as nori and maki dough taquitos, as well as poke bowls and steamed bread sandwiches.

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Now that its diners and fans have returned to the city after the end of the summer, Kaia (‘sea’ in Hawaiian) decided to grow and open a new point of sale in the style dark kitchen in Lima keeping the same concerns and details of his place of origin: “The beauty of Kaia is that it is a family environment. We take care of all the details so that the clients feel at home and always with the flavors of the meals that are an explosion in the mouth”, explains Yasmin Kahatt. “In Lima we have started with the dark kitchen because many people asked us. We have taken a risk, because we know that the competition is great”.

Kahatt explains that the quality of the ingredients is his priority and that can be seen in each of his versions of makis, his sandwiches, taquitos, pokes and all the options of a fast and light food menu.

What does Kaia offer for delivery?

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Among the dishes with the highest demand at Kaia we will find the maki options. One of the favorites is the joy, a roll wrapped in a thin layer of rice with a mango filling that gives it a particular sweetness, shrimp and cream cheese with sriracha. The tango handle also stands out among the options. This one has shari, ebi furai, cream cheese, avocado and is topped with mango brulee. The Kaia maki is one of the tastiest, it is covered in tenkatsu and cream cheese flambéed in grill sauce and tare sauce. Other maki options with the classic acevichado, avocado, punta, sunrise, furay and inka crispy.

There are two options of pokes: Ocean and Kaia, regular and large size, with the possibility of deciding the toppings, protein, crunchies, sauces and extras. You will also find in its menu three options of sandwiches with dread bread such as the shrimp burger, a delicious super crispy shrimp burger and an incomparable flavor. Kaia creams are very remarkable, too.

The shrimp burger will be a unique and crispy experience.

A refreshing option for its well combined, fresh and different flavors is the Kaia tacos. It is a crispy dough with tuna cubes, oyster sauce, avocado cream and kiuri. And the super crispy nori tacos, shari, lettuce, cevichada sauce and salmon tartare.

The wrapped taquitos are a fresh and different option to the palate.

There are also appetizers with oriental and salmon tartare, tempura veggie, panko prawns, oriental tiradito, Vietnamese rolls, tataki, nigiri, salmon sashimi and a children’s menu.

The delivery is sent well packaged with the appropriate cleaning protocol.

You can order your delivery options with the peace of mind of receiving your makis, sandwiches or taquitos in well-kept and aesthetically beautiful packaging to enjoy the full Kaia experience as if you were in the same Punta Hermosa location.

The photographer Yasmin Kahatt, her husband, Luis Miguel Pollarolo, and their children at the Punta Hermosa location.  The familiar and intimate atmosphere is part of her concept, personalized attention is part of her success.

More information:

  • Orders: Delivery in Lima by rappi or WhatsApp 913456372
  • Discover all the possibilities of your menu on your Instagram page:

Source: Elcomercio

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