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Kintu Barras: three appetizing proposals of the new gastronomic patio of Miraflores

With this new normality, one in which we can feel more comfortable without a mask outdoors, come reunions, celebrations, or even simple lunches or dinners with friends. When we coordinate an outing, choosing what we are going to eat can be the most difficult thing after coordinating a date, that is why the gastronomic patios seem to be the perfect answer. So, Advantage was encouraged to visit Kintu Barras, a space in Miraflores that brings together three brands with different concepts but a single purpose: to offer delicious food to diners.


We start this count with the newest restaurant that we can find in this space, but no less interesting and consistent in its dishes. Maraparte is an incursion into peruvian marine cuisinewhich flirts with Asian touches very well achieved.

To start with the experience we enjoy two types of delicious causes. The first, the save cause, consists of a portion of crispy cause crowned with cevichado fish and pieces of avocado. The combination of textures, juices and flavors made it our favorite. We also taste the brave causewhich accompanies a portion of potato with prawns and avocado and tomato tartare bathed in golf sauce with Thai touches.

If we talk about ceviches, its star version is the Marapartewhich in addition to the classic cubed fish, onion, chili pepper, corn and sweet potato, includes pieces of smoked octopus that give it a much more surprising and -almost- addictive dimension.

In their menu they do not stop celebrating the rice and pasta dishes, of which we tried the how much doughwhich is a plate of long noodles with a mixture of seafood, homemade pomodoro sauce and cheese decorating everything.

Causa Brava, one of the favorite dishes of the Maraparte public.

Finally, we enjoy a crispy and forceful Panthro with Pejekingwhich is nothing more than a classic pan with pejerrey, but served with lettuce, tomato, avocado, Creole bramble and an acevichada sauce that goes perfectly with it.


If you are one of those who are looking for the perfect balance between delicious, forceful and balanced food, this brand is your perfect option. Unusual bet, mainly, for a letter where the wraps are the protagonists. Here you can enjoy succulent and appetizing combinations where you will find proteins, vegetables, accompaniments and, of course, the inevitable sauces that are almost addictive.

One of the attractions of the brand is that they themselves they prepare and cook the doughs they use for the wraps, and they include in these nutritious foods that give bright colors: there are beetroot and chia, yellow pepper, the classic, the integral, the one with paprika and cayenne pepper and the one with spinach and basil. In addition, they have two innovative machines to roll out the dough and cook it at high temperatures.

Unusual Wrap

we taste the unusual wrap, which has a mix of lettuce and cabbage, caramelized pecans, melted cheese, wonton noodles, barbecue meat, grilled chicken, carnitas, chipotle mayo and BBQ sauce. The combination of flavors and textures made this an unforgettable preparation and for which we plan to return.

But, if you want to try other dishes with the seal Unusualin their menu they also include two types of bowls: one Andean with tricolor quinoa, corn, cocktail potatoes, novoandino crispy chicken and other delicacies; and a bowl órale that serves a base of brown rice, black beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, chifles, barbecue meat and avocado dressing. These two options are just as delicious and filling as the wraps.

Bowl Orale.

You can also enjoy two kinds of salads, pockets and accompaniments like yucca or french fries -these last ones were the sensation-. But, if none of the alternatives that we present here catch your attention at all, there is the possibility of assemble your own wrap or salad taking into account all the options that Unusual offers.


magic is a pizzeria that has conquered, since 2020, a public that loves Neapolitan style. David Benites, head of Product Development at FoodPartners, Mangia’s gastronomic holding company, indicates that “we felt that a different concept was needed in the pizza industry in Lima. A brand that is different, with soul and attitude, that prioritizes quality and creativity”.

For this reason, they opt for an imperfect pizza, made by hand, with the typical thin dough but with thick edges, characterized by smell of wood and that it is prepared in an oven that reaches temperatures of more than 450 degrees. }

To whet your appetite in your menu we can find rodents stuffed with salami & mozzarella or caramelized onion.

As for the pizza, they have two sizes: medium (28 cm) and large (36 cm). the section of “Not so classic” It is made up of options such as Peppe, with Spanish salami, fresh mozzarella, pomodoro sauce, salt and pepper; the Grilled Pineapple with this wood-roasted fruit, prosciutto di modena and mozarella; and the AmericanBeauty, with pomodoro, mozzarella, English ham and a touch of smoked cheese and crispy bacon.

The other section, called magicincludes options like a Fugazzi, with caramelized onion, prosciutto and mozzarella; the Veggie Peperonata with mushrooms, peperonata, white onion, olives, basil; and the Barbie Qwhich, in addition to pomodoro and mozzarella, has ham, grilled pineapple, chicken and BBQ sauce.



Source: Elcomercio

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