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Crepería D’Antuan: the true French experience is found in Magdalena

With the most reliable recipes to your family’s recipe book in FranceAntoine Jussaume elaborated the Crepes and desserts from his childhood in Gap to integrate them into the new D’Antuan menu, in Magdalena of the Sea. Led by Yazmin Saba, just six months ago, the couple opened this new place that seeks to be a little French corner in Peru, not only because of its flavors but also because of the musical atmosphere and the attention.

“I always wanted to have something of my own and when I met Antoine we realized that he was also a super entrepreneur. What if we do something? We wondered, this is how this pandemic business was born,” says Saba. The initial idea was to have a crepe cart for events, but they had so much more to offer that they needed a venue. Magdalena was a familiar district for Yazmin, since her grandmother lived her entire life in this district and together they toured its huariques and market stalls. It was the ideal place.

The philosophy of less is more

“There are millions of crepe places, but none with this touch. I feel that less is more”, says Yazmin in reference to the simplicity with which crepes are served at D’Antuan, without much fuss or excesses of whipped cream, fudge or sweets on top as is usually served ‘Peruvian’. “It’s like you eat it on a street in France or Paris, they do it that way traditionally and the dish comes only with the crepe and a cutlery. It is the true French experience. The rich thing and what has to take value is the content”, he adds.

Homemade delicacy crepe, banana and pecans.  All the dishes in D'Antuan are prepared for the day, they cannot be stored because they are handmade.

Antoine Jussaume is not standing still. Although he knows Spanish he speaks very little and prefers to be in the kitchen, everything he has to say is on his plate. Yazmin tells us that finding the perfect ingredients, processes, and recipe for Antoine’s taste took about four months of trial and error. Both, connoisseurs by birth, searched for the best local and regional ingredients for sweet and savory crepes, drinks and other desserts on the menu.

The (seasonal) fruits and vegetables are from a landlady from the Magdalena Market who delivers the supplies “that look like they are drawn,” says Yazmin; the infusion blends are 100% natural; Andean cheese comes from Oxapampa; and, the coffee, from Huayopata in Cusco. “We are interested in our suppliers worrying about the production chain,” adds Saba.

Antoine Jussaume and Yazmin Saba are the minds --and the work-- behind D'Antuan.  With his team, the public from Magdalena and other districts await with open arms.

Everything is done by hand and nothing is saved for the next day. “Antoine’s family came from France to Peru to test and correct the details”, and with this approval the delicious D’Antuan dishes began to appear, written exactly as the chef’s name sounds.

Enjoy the letter!

“Little by little Antoine has adapted to Peruvian taste, but always maintaining the line of less is more, the most classic and artisanal,” says Yazmin. Sweet crepes are the star of D’Antuan and customers can choose the filling that their favorite crepe will have: nutella, homemade blancmange or artisanal fudge (made with organic cocoa), and they will have additional options to choose from such as strawberry, banana, pecan , almonds, chantilly, brownie or artisanal ice cream.

Nutella, banana and pecan crepe.  Next, the wrapped bacon crepe to go.

D’Antuan’s menu has 8 savory crepe options. The most requested are Yopo, which has frayed chicken, potato chips, lettuce and a special D’Antuan mayonnaise. “It is similar to the typical forklift sanguchón and we offer it with homemade chili.” Another of the stars is Bacon with egg, bacon and Andean cheese and bacon. The two new ones on the menu are Club Crepe and Mpalté. The first is like a well served Club Sandwich and the Mpalté has avocado, Andean cheese and golf sauce to combine with the avocado. It is worth highlighting the vegetarian option, it is a delicious caprese crepe with Andean cheese, tomato and an exquisite homemade pesto that arrives hot at the table. Of the best.

Madeleine and blueberry clafoutis.

Among the most striking desserts is the Tarte Tatin, a little-known dessert in our country, but which Antoine’s family always prepared at home. It is a delicious caramelized apple tart on shortcrust pastry (note: it is not a crispy apple). French desserts are not cloying or not very sweet, which is why the D’Antuan menu follows the same line as the Tarte Tatin.

The apple tarte tatin can go with artisanal ice cream.

Another really unbeatable is Cannelé, a small typical Bordeaux sponge cake. Although it traditionally contains rum, here it is prepared with pisco to have a Peruvian touch, it is crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside. This dessert is really a surprise and it makes you wait. It takes 50 minutes in the oven and 30 minutes more to cool. They always have them ready, but if you have to wait, it’s well worth it. “It has been very well received,” says Yazmin.

The small Cannelé are original from Bordeaux.  They are made very delicately and they take their time to keep them soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.  They become an addiction.

Tartlets are another recommendation on this menu, whether strawberry or lemon. The fruit is the protagonist, it does not have condensed milk and it has a different cookie than a lemon foot because they want to make a difference. On the other hand, the Madeleine (or Madeleines) in the same French style are a delicacy that can be perfectly accompanied with coffee, as if to start the afternoon, and continue with the incredible blueberry clafoutis. This is a typical dessert based on milk and egg, and almost no flour. Yazmin explains that “it is the typical dessert at Grandma’s house. In France it is eaten with cherries, but we do it with blueberries and we would like to try peaches and raspberries later. As it is not a common dessert and it has a French name, people ask for it as ‘blueberry’”. It is a success in Magdalena, that is why they now sell it in a mold.

Soft chocolate with strawberry coulies.

The soft chocolate with strawberry coulies and accompanied by a scoop of homemade ice cream will be another wonder for the palate. Other options on the menu to order blindly are the profiteroles, broyé cookies, chicken quiche or onion tart, their artisanal ice creams, frappés, milshakes, their variety of coffees and infusions, as well as the Beer Stache craft beers, made in Peru. by Antoine Jussaume himself.

You already know, before any craving in the afternoon or at night, D’Antuan will be open from Monday to Friday to pamper you with the best ingredients and the traditional flavor of sweet France. They are pet friendly, so you can enjoy with your pets. Bon Appetit!

More information:

  • Location: Jiron San Martin 586-A, Magdalena del Mar
  • Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 1 to 9:30 pm / Friday and Saturday from 1 to 10:30 pm
  • D’Antuan is pet friendly and has board games to have fun while you wait or eat your order
  • If you craved his letter but you don’t want to leave home you can order it by delivery via Orders Now
  • For any questions, go to your Instagram account:

Source: Elcomercio

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