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Híbrido café: the specialty coffee shop that bets on artisanal techniques

Híbrido café: the specialty coffee shop that bets on artisanal techniques

Híbrido café: the specialty coffee shop that bets on artisanal techniques

A few months ago, Adelina Ramos and Melissa Pineda decided to quit their jobs. Leave economic stability and venture to open your first Cafeteria specialty. Both have several years in the gastronomic field, they have worked in cafeterias and they felt that it was time to open something of their own using all the experience they have been acquiring in almost 10 years. This is how Híbrido Café was born, a small space, but with a huge heart in the center of San Isidro.

The good coffee

Adelina Ramos tells Advantage that the name was born because they liked how well it integrates what they want to offer the public. “They spent four months thinking about the name of the cafe. Thinking about what we are creating, what we have learned over the years. We have almost 10 years in the gastronomic field”.

“Hybrid are things that we have known in different jobs, from suppliers, from different places that we have visited”, complements Melissa Pineda. “What we are looking for is that you have a complete experience. That is to say: good service, good food, good coffee”he adds.

For them, it is very important to be able to have a connection with the customer and explain where the grain comes from, how it got to the table and that they value the coffee they are drinking more.

Adelina Ramos reveals that, in addition to working for several years in restaurants and cafes, they consider themselves ‘foodies’; that is to say: they love food and the whole experience around it. Therefore, they visit places and highlight the best of each place. You never stop learning.

We always wanted to have a small space where everything could be controlled. Here we only have 5 tables and enough menu for there to be rotation and to be able to offer good quality of everything”, adds Ramos.


Adelina is the one who has specialized in coffee. She says that her first approach to this grain was with David Torres from Tostaduría Bisetti and Café Arábica. Later, she took a course with barista instructor Paul Manghiert. For them, it is very important to know coffee well because, although they have a professional barista, a good appreciation of the steps and techniques gives their coffee bar a great plus.

In Híbrido you will find machine coffee and also made with artisanal methods. The latter are a very good experience, as Adelina comes to the table and prepares them with the same diners.

peruvian coffee

Hybrid only uses Peruvian coffee. To be more exact, they only use coffee from San Ignacio in Cajamarca. They explain that this coffee has a natural sweetness. “We want that coffee to leave you salivating and wanting one more after having an espresso”Pineda adds.

Adelina Ramos affirms that she believes that Peruvians are learning to value what is ours. “We have many specialty coffee shops today. People are beginning to realize that Peruvian coffee is as good as Colombian, Italian, or Brazilian. We have a good and quality product”Add.

Híbrido Café is located at Av. Los Conquistadores 439, San Isidro.

Ramos indicates that by having good soils with varied microclimates we can obtain different aromas in the coffee bean. Cusco’s coffee is not the same as Cajamarca’s, and that is a great opportunity.

a good cup

For Adelina, a good coffee can be recognized “by the sensory characteristics found in the cup”. “You should feel a balance between acidity and sweetness,” she adds.

Another piece of advice they offer is that it shouldn’t take too long since the coffee is roasted because “the degassing of the coffee ages the grain and it loses flavors and aroma.”

Adelina Ramos and Melissa Pineda are the founders of Híbrido café.  (Photo: Diffusion)

a varied menu

Their menu is varied and by having an organic garden from which they take aromatic herbs, they provide a great experience to the diner.

Híbrido Café has a wide variety of toasts and sandwiches to share.  (Photo: Diffusion)

You will find specialty coffee from 7 soles. Espresso (s/7), Machiato (s/7), American coffee (s/8), iced latte (s/9). For those who want to try artisanal methods, you will find: V60 (s/10), Chemex (s/10), Kalita (s/10), Aeropress (s/10), Cold brew (s/10) and Japanese Siphon (s/10). /12).

If what you want is to experiment, in Híbrido you will find several drinks that mix coffee and alcohol: Happy latte (s/18), Chicano de café (s/18), Coffee Sour (s/18), Coffee martini (s/18) , Irish Coffee (s/18), The hybrid red (s/30), among others.

Híbrido Café has toast with hummus, avocado and candied tomatoes on its menu.  (Photo: Diffusion)

To accompany the coffee, they could order one of their desserts or toasts. The recommendation: toast with avocado and hummus, which is accompanied by some delicious candied tomatoes. In your letter you will find quiches, salads, sandwiches and tables to share.

  • Address: Av. Los Conquistadores 439, San Isidro
  • Follow them on Instagram:

Cold Brew Chilcano Recipe

Adelina and Melissa shared with Advantage a recipe to be prepared at home with Peruvian coffee.

Cold brew chilcano


  • 2 oz pisco
  • 1 oz passion fruit juice
  • 1/2 oz. syrup
  • 6 ice cubes
  • 2 oz cold brew
  • ginger ale


In a 16oz glass we place the ice, add the pisco, the passion fruit juice, simple syrup and ginger ale. We mix and finish with the cold brew.

Source: Elcomercio

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