OpinionNational Holidays: 3 national cocktails to celebrate with a...

National Holidays: 3 national cocktails to celebrate with a lot of Peruvian flavor and creativity


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Advantage ran three bars Miraflores and asked his principals bartenders present a special cocktail for National Holidays.

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Fiorella Larrea, Gerson Tamara and Luis Alza accepted the challenge and we visited them to see and try their exquisite mixtures of colors, flavors and curious presentations.

1. Dreams of freedom, by Fiorella Larrea


Fiorella Larrea, current bar supervisor at Tragaluz and winner of the Luces 2021 Award for Best Bartender, created a special cocktail for National Holidays. This is called Sueños de Libertad because “it represents the wishes of the people of more than 200 years ago,” explains Larrea.

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Among its ingredients are pisco acholado; sour mix of passion fruit, grapefruit and lemon; blueberries with apple and mistela de pisco. It is a cocktail served with elegance where citrus fruits and a sweet decoration made with a cloud of caramel stand out.

Sueños de Libertad has pisco acholado and citrus.  It is served with ice and a caramel nest to decorate.


  • Skylight. Los Carolinos 118, Miraflores, at Belmond Miraflores Park

2. Contemporary Offering, by Gerson Tamara

Hidden Bar

Gerson Tamara, co-owner of Hidden Bar in Miraflores, surprises with a new cocktail and food menu this 2022.

The hidden bar in Pasaje Olaya, Hidden Bar, welcomes us with a new menu that is extremely attractive due to its presentation and content, new cocktails prepared in the style of Gerson Tamara and unmissable snacks with Creole flavors.

Tamara created the Contemporary Offering cocktail for Provecho. This one mainly carries Matacuy, an Andean herbal liqueur made in Cusco; Pisco 1615, an aperitif liqueur complemented with Bianco vermouth, Creole lemon juice, orange cordial and two ounces of Golden pineapple juice. It is served in an artistic piece in the shape of a llama and is decorated with peppermint and Peruvian chili salt.

Contemporary Offering by Gerson Tamara is served in a llama-shaped tableware, similar to an archaeological piece, made by Majo Morales of the Ishmael Randall Weeks studio.


  • Hidden Bar. Passage Mártir Olaya 139, Store 101-102, Miraflores

3. Freedom, by Luis Alza

Don Nico Steakhouse

Luis Alza, from Don Nico Steakhouse, was crowned the 2022 Bartender of the Year and, with it, was a finalist to represent Peru in the World Class championship.

Luis Alza was recently chosen as the 2022 Bartender of the Year after winning the World Class in Lima. In September he will represent Peru in the world tournament considered the world bartenders tournament, for which he has been preparing and fine-tuning details of his presentation.

We looked for him for National Holidays and he prepared the Libertad cocktail for us. On Don Nico’s terrace he prepared it with pisco acholado; aperitif liqueur: “to give it a bitter touch”, he explains; sour mix with lemon and syrup to balance the cocktail; and a purée of red fruits, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. It is decorated with a skewer of red fruits and edible flowers.

Libertad is found at Don Nico Steakhouse throughout the National Holidays season.


  • Don Nico Steakhouse. Av. Mariscal La Mar 901, Miraflores

Source: Elcomercio

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