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Grilled chicken in new versions: 4 different options to celebrate (and eat) on your day


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What is it that conquers us Peruvians about grilled chicken? Perhaps its flavor, how convenient it is to share, how delicious it is to eat it with your hands or, as in my case, how succulent the wing is. Be that as it may, this dish has earned a place not only on our table but also in our hearts. Proof of this is that every third Sunday of July thousands of families are encouraged to celebrate Grilled Chicken Day. This weekend, precisely, this celebration will take place and Advantage did not want to be left behind. For this reason, we present a selection of four restaurants that offer interesting versions of chicken, that serve it with curious accompaniments or that take advantage of it to recreate other recipes.


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A restaurant that always surprises with the quality of its dishes and, as in this case, with its creativity is Marabunta. With regard to the celebration this Sunday they wanted to think of something truly novel. For this reason, the corporate chef Nemías Pomachagua decided to offer two versions of wood-fired chicken with chimichurri and another with BBQ, in addition to the more traditional option. And when they mention that it is firewood, they comply. From the first bite one notices that unmistakable and almost smoky flavor that permeates the skin of the chicken.

On the one hand, the chimichurri is perfect for those who love those powerful flavors of garlic and herbs, which goes perfectly with the delicious fries that they offer as a side. On the other, the BBQ is juicy, smoked and with sweet touches without being cloying and the bird meat is tender and full of flavor.

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Fact: Marabunta has stores in Chorrillos (Av. Guardia Peruana with Av. Matellini) where they serve delivery and pick up at the store; in Jesús María (Av. Horacio Urteaga 1526) where service is provided in the salon and in Surquillo (Av. Villarán 714), where they make deliveries. For more information visit their Facebook or Instagram pages @marabuntaanticuchosypollos.


Behind this interesting proposal that seeks to celebrate the potential of embers in birds such as chicken, duck and turkey, are the administrator Gabriela Quevedo and the architect Jesús Sánchez. They began this adventure in the midst of a pandemic and have reaped nothing but success. Birdz is the kind of place you can eat for a whole week, and with the quality of ingredients and well-thought-out recipes, the experience will always be different and delicious.

In addition to the classic grilled chicken, named Rebelde, they have two versions that make your mouth water. The first is Pacha, inspired by the traditional pachamanca, takes the most classic flavors and reverses them to present a tasty and juicy chicken, which is accompanied with fried sweet potatoes, native potatoes and fresh salad, in addition to the delicious house sauces. The second, called Red Dragon, pays tribute to that oriental heritage that we like so much. In this case, it is accompanied with chaufa rice, yellow potatoes and the inevitable salad and sauces.

Fact: The Birdz store is located at C. Schell 601, Miraflores. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12:30 pm to 10 pm To make reservations, you can contact WhatsApp 994165592. Learn more about their proposal and menu on their website or on their Instagram profile @birdz.pe

Red Dragon Chicken

handsome chickens

Pollos Guapos has been around since January of this year and, as a concept, they propose to once again celebrate those flavors of old, neighborhood chicken, with the classic generous and large fries and a variety of homemade sauces, perfect to accompany each bite. In addition, with its varied menu, they seek to take advantage of the wealth of our country, using 100% Peruvian ingredients.

One of the dishes that attracts the most attention is the classic aguadito, which on this occasion includes pieces of grilled chicken, which give it a different but very special flavor and reminds us of home. In addition to classics such as grilled chicken, salads, French fries and chaufa rice, their menu offers an option that will surely be the favorite of many: a portion of grilled wings, so that everyone can enjoy them.

Fact: This dark kitchen handles all its orders via delivery, so they can be made through the Rappi platform, visiting its website (https://pollosguapos.com/) or communicating via WhatsApp (987030936). Visit their Instagram profile (@pollos_guapos) to learn more about the brand.

Courtesy of festival Pollito con papas.


When it comes to celebrating tradition and giving it a new twist, Kiriko is the perfect example. Created 25 years ago, this chicken shop celebrates the original recipe of the old chicken masters. In addition to the classic accompaniments that are usually enjoyed with this bird, such as French fries and salad, they offer other interesting options. Thus we find the spaghetti a la huancaína accompanied with grilled chicken. If it is of more forceful preparations, they also offer a poor-style grilled chicken, served with graneadito white rice, french fries, its egg and the inevitable fried plantain.

Fact: Kiriko has two stores, located in Miraflores (Calle Lima 491) and Surco (Av. Tomás Marsano 3816). If you want to deliver, you can find them on platforms like Rappi and Orders Now. Also, to learn more about their various promotions, you can visit their Instagram profile @polleria.kiriko.

Courtesy of festival Pollito con papas.


Festival “Chicken with potatoes”

Both Pollos Guapos and Kirico will participate in this event, which will take place on Saturday, July 30, in the Exhibition Park. Tickets are on sale at Joinnus for S/25 (general admission). In addition, you can purchase them in purchase modules in the same place, with a price at the door of S / 30.

Source: Elcomercio

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