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Flavors that will surprise you: 3 places to try Korean food in Lima | VIDEO

BTS, The Squid Game and kimbap have their origin in common: South Korea. This country and its culture have managed to conquer millions of people around the world, inviting us to enjoy its music, audiovisual productions and, of course, its gastronomy. thinking about this, Advantage made a selection of some recommended points to try Korean food in Lima. Join us!

1. Korea House

In the midst of a pandemic, this space emerged, created to celebrate the most traditional dishes of Korean cuisine. We enjoy delicious options dominated by stews, high-quality proteins and sides. One of the first dishes we tried was the korean grill. These are cuts of pork bacon that are cooked at the table -to the client’s taste- and that are enjoyed in bites covered with fresh lettuce and stuffed with pickles, rice and, of course, meat. we also taste kimchi chiguea really tasty kimchi-based soup with just the right touch of spice.

Another of the stars of his letter is the korean fried chicken which is, as its name says in English, Korean-style fried chicken. The special? Each piece is fried to perfection and topped with a variety of garlicky, sweet, or savory sauces. The kimbap It is a kind of roll filled with a variety of ingredients that conquer anyone, they are the simple but tasty and practical snack that gets you out of trouble. The ttokboki It is a mixture of a rice paste pressed into cylinders, served with a somewhat spicy and delicious sauce.


house korea attends at its premises located at Av. Grau 237, Miraflores. The office hours are from Monday to Saturday, from noon to 9 pm To make reservations or orders you can contact the number 964540032 or visit his Instagram @casacoreaperu.

2. SNJ Corndogs

On the third floor of the Arenales Shopping Center we can find the SNJ Corndogs, a family-owned business specializing in corndogs or banderillas, which are hot dogs or chunks of mozzarella cheese covered in a savory, airy batter and topped with panko, noodles or potatoes, then deep-fried. The result? A kind of stuffed bread that is extra crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside. To finish, you can add sauces and condiments such as ketchup, mustard or seasonings with garlic or butter flavors.

During our visit we tasted the classic, which comes stuffed with sausage and covered with panko. Each bite was crunchy, full of flavor, and the mixture of dough and hot dog made this a forceful preparation. Another of the creations that we tasted is the sotteok, a skewer that combines rice paste pressed into tubes and sausage to be fried later. Although the flavors of these ingredients are mild, they are perfect for the hot sauce with which they are bathed -as the final touch-. Another favorite was mochi cheese balls, which are glutinous rice masses (hence the reference to mochi) stuffed with plenty of melted cheese and fried. Like the corndog, they are exquisite with a thin layer of sugar on top.


SnJ Corndogs It has two locations. The first is located on the third floor of CC Arenales (Lince) and is open from Monday to Sunday, from noon to 8:30 pm The second location is located in the Mall Aventura Santa Anita and is open from 10 am to 10 pm, from Mondays to Sundays. To learn more about his proposal, visit his Instagram page @snj_corndogs.

3. Manimogo

With six years of inauguration and a series of changes in its format, this dark kitchen It was created by Peruvian Josué Escobar, who lived in South Korea for two years and learned the best of its cuisine. The idea was simple: offer traditional South Korean food, but always with the Peruvian touch of which the founder is proud. Thus, I create a proposal that today allows us to enjoy various dishes in the comfort of our homes.

For our visit, they prepared a series of dishes from the menu, among which they included the Yangnyoum Chicken, a fried chicken bathed in a succulent spicy sauce, sweet, salty and perfect, it is almost addictive. It is served with pickled turnip, as if to rest from the intense flavors of the protein. They also served us mandu, a version of the classic dumplings but filled with a simple but very pleasant mixture. Another simple but delicious snack is the buchingue, a kind of Korean pancake stuffed with Chinese onion, squid and other vegetables. The bulgogi It is one of the simplest recipes on the menu, but it is no less delicious for that, thanks to the fine cuts of meat mixed with carrots and onions cooked in the pan. Finally, the jaeyuk bbokkum It is a spicy version of the previous dish, but prepared with pork belly. Although the spiciness may sound intimidating, it’s the kind that adds flavor and doesn’t numb the mouth, so it’s worth giving it a try.


To enjoy Manimoggo you can request part of his letter to the number 941025690 or through the Rappi platform. Learn more about his proposal to enjoy at home on his Instagram page @manimoggo.

The mandú is one of the dishes that we enjoyed on our visit to Manimoggo.  It is a kind of dumpling stuffed with meat, vegetables and noodles.

Tell us, do you dare to do this tour and learn more about the food

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