OpinionCusco restaurant was awarded by Tripadvisor as the "Best...

Cusco restaurant was awarded by Tripadvisor as the “Best Hidden Gem”


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There is no doubt that Peru has one of the best cuisines in the world, and this is reflected in each of its regions. Cusco has a restaurant that breaks with tradition and has been named by Tripadvisor as the “Best Hidden Gem”, thus surpassing restaurants in Mexico, Spain, Turkey and Italy. Green Point is an unforgettable space in the Inka city. In this note we tell you his story.

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This dream began almost 10 years ago, when Fabricio Durán, a chef by profession, returned from his trip to South Africa, where he was working as a cook. In that country, he became a vegan and he did not see it as congruent with his principles to continue cooking products of animal origin. When he returned to his hometown, he decided to open his own restaurant, but this time totally vegan, not including anything of animal origin.

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It started in a smaller place than the one they currently have. Her parents had a space and they gave it to her. He put all his creativity and experience into gear, while mixing with the new techniques of plant-based cooking. A year later, he joined the project, Cat Atherton, an English tourist who fell in love with the vegan food of Green Point and Fabrizio. Currently, both run the restaurant awarded by Tripadvisor as Best Hidden Gem.

I fell in love with the vegan restaurant project, and so I came looking for a job at the restaurant. I have experience in bank administration. So, I started working here. Now, Fabricio is my husband and he is the executive chef and I am the administratorAtherton adds.

In May 2023, Green Point will be 10 years old. And as they explain, the reception of vegan food in Cusco has been getting better and better. “Most of the customers are tourists. At the beginning, when Fabricio started the project, they asked him if he wasn’t going to add some chicken or something. He said no. He never had any doubts, ”says Atherton.

For both of them, it is very important that the food is delicious but it is just as important that the experience is complete. “There are many factors. Everything is well thought out and we are always thinking better. We take feedback from our customers to improve and change things“, Add.

Green Point for Best Hidden Gem.

Good service is one of our pillars. Social networks also play an important role now and this effort led us to win a TripAdvisor award this year. We have the first place worldwide in the Hidden Gem category. It has been a source of pride for us”comment.

“We received a letter from the Tripadvisor manager for South America advising us that we had won to arrange a meeting with us”complements Fabricio Durán, chef and founder of Green Point.

We have felt surprised, proud, happy, and eager to communicate the good news to all our people who are and have been with us during these 10 years.”, complements Durán.

Dishes for all tastes in Green Point.

Green point is a space with a good atmosphere, delicious food and excellent service. Fabricio’s creativity is reflected in the dishes as well as his experience cooking in other countries.

Within its menu you will find very varied dishes. They can have brunch any day of the week or eat a super strong Cusco grill. In addition, it has a dish of the day that includes a starter, background, drink and dessert. They have affordable and varied prices. Finally, their desserts have a Peruvian and European influence.


  • Hours: every day from 8 am to 10 pm.
  • Address: Carmen Bajo 235, San Blas, Cusco. Reference half a block from the San Blas square
  • Average ticket: 60 soles

Source: Elcomercio

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