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“El Menú”: the gastronomic side of the film that hit the Peruvian billboard

As of December 1, in movie theaters throughout Peru, “El Menú” will be available, a film led by Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy, in which, in addition to terror, laughter and drama, it will show off gourmet gastronomy, which in fact is the main course.

“The Menu” is an event in which twelve lovers of good food arrive on an island on the Pacific coast of the United States invited by the famous chef Julian Slowik (Ralph Fiennes) to taste the proposal of the well-known Hawthorn restaurant.

The dishes that are offered throughout the film are the protagonists, what’s more, at one point the chef lets diners know that it’s not enough to just eat, but, on the contrary, you have to savor the experience. Each dish that appears on the scene will have its own history and reason for being.

Attendees at this culinary event

  • Julian Slowik is the chef in charge of the Hawthorn world, he is in his prime, but always expecting investors, which is why he has mixed feelings with his elite clients. He loves his cooking, but it clearly comes across as somewhat unbalanced. To bring this character to life, the actor turned to several films and series such as the documentary Chef’s Table and the experiences of the renowned Michelin-starred chef, Dominique Crenn, who was even the creator of the film’s menu.
  • The couple formed by Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Tyler (Nicholas Hoult) are other characters that stand out. She attends without any particular interest and with a clear rejection of the pretentious proposal, while he is obsessed with cooking and is a great admirer of the chef.
  • The other ten diners represent different types of people who have crossed paths with Chef Slowik at some point, be they former clients, food critics or knowledgeable foodies. “All of these characters are unlikable in many ways, but strangely they also make you want to spend time with them, for some reason you identify with them,” says Nicholas Hoult, the actor who plays Tyler.
  • The Hawthorn team comes across as a flawless orchestra who revere the chef and are totally dedicated to the restaurant. The chef’s right hand is Elsa (Hong Chau), a stoic, strict and formal woman who follows orders like all the other members, never questioning the plan.

Clearly, the film will focus on revenge, a dish that is eaten cold.

Source: Elcomercio