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Vegan restaurants in Cusco: the guide to the must-see places in the Inca city

Vegan restaurants in Cusco: the guide to the must-see places in the Inca city

Vegan restaurants in Cusco: the guide to the must-see places in the Inca city

There are many vegan options in Cusco. There is something for all tastes and for all budgets. You can find it in a stall in the San Blas Market as well as in a place awarded by Tripadvisor. In this note we show you all the places you can visit in the most touristic city in Peru.

Whether you are vegan or not, these restaurants and huariques are a great option. Their food is not heavy, it is easy to digest and when you are at 3,399 meters above sea level, digestion can be very slow and sometimes play a trick on you. Therefore, eating more vegetables and nutritious is a good alternative.

Without further ado, we started the route.

green point

Fabricio Durand and Cat Atherton’s restaurant is only half a block from Plaza de San Blas. Their food is very varied and has options for everyone. It has a menu that includes Peruvian as well as international dishes. In addition, it has the menu of the day in which they offer you a starter, a background, a drink and a dessert. All for 30 soles.

“Most of the customers are tourists. At the beginning, when Fabricio started the project, they asked him if he wasn’t going to add some chicken or something. He said no. He never had any doubts.”says Atherton.

The food is delicious, the attention is wonderful and it complements well with the comfortable and warm atmosphere. “Good service is one of our pillars. Social networks also play an important role now and this effort led us to win a TripAdvisor award this year. We have the first place worldwide in the Hidden Gem category. It has been a pride for us”, he comments.


  • Hours: every day from 8 am to 10 pm.
  • Address: Carmen Bajo 235, San Blas, Cusco. Reference half a block from the San Blas square
  • Average ticket: 60 soles
Green Point has an extensive menu that includes dishes inspired by traditional Peruvians.

Vegan stop

Vianca Condoy began dabbling in the kitchen shortly after going vegan. “In activism I liked to bring desserts to share and my friends encouraged me to sell them and recommended me to more people. It was when I met Victor that he encouraged me to share our content in a blog that he created for me ( opportunities such as participating in fairs were given. After a year we rented a space in the center of Cusco in the middle of the pandemic where we are currently. Our main goal was always to share our food and our love of veganism.”, relates Vianca.

Buddha Bowl from Vegan Parade.  (Photo: courtesy)

The dishes that they usually sell with good reception from the public are: Baked Seifú, Burger Seifú, Pad Thai, Vietnamese Rolls, Falafel Bowl, Buddha Bowl, and the tres leches cake.

The seifú, according to Vianca, is a vegetable meat that they make themselves and is made from seitan and tofu.

We started to prepare vegan food to be able to show other people that you can eat vegan and delicious, that every dish can be made vegan; also to be able to show our philosophy of life and above all respect for animals“, Add.


  • Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9am to 9pm
  • Address: Calle San Andrés No. 481, Cusco
  • Average ticket: 35 soles
Tres leches, the best in Peru.  (Photo: Vegan stand)

Vegan Life Bistro

This Cusco restaurant was born in December 2016 from the mind of Erick MT. “At the beginning of this journey, it was no more than a small place with only three tables located in the town of San Blas, but through effort, commitment, and the quality of its dishes, it progresses to become one of the vegan restaurants insignia of Cusco”Eric adds.

Erick and his team of professionals work to provide the best vegan dishes. Their good performance has led them to be four times among the best restaurants in Cusco according to TripAdvisor and Happy Cow.

Vegan burger from Vida Vegan Bistro.

“More than a food style, Vida Vegan Bistro is a philosophy of life, a commitment to the search for a better planet. It is not only eating healthier, it is living in harmony with our mother earth and with all the living beings that make life in it”complements Erick.

For the Vida Vegan Bistro team it is very important to show that beyond being a culinary alternative, they want to introduce a “ philosophy of life based on respect for the life of all living beings, thus eliminating exploitation and cruelty towards animals for food or other purposes”.

Fruit Bowl from Vida Vegan Bistro.

On your menu and among the most requested dishes you will find the vegan Creole stir-fry, the mushroom chili, the vegan bistro life salad, vegetable pizza, hamburgers, which are the new dishes.


  • Hours: Monday to Saturday from 2 pm to 10 pm
  • Address: Palace Street No. 122, Cusco
  • Average ticket: 50 soles
Vegan chorizo ​​bread from Vida Vegan Bistro.  (Photo: Patricia Castañeda)

Chia Vegan Kitchen

This restaurant located just half a block from the San Blas square has a very nice atmosphere. Its decoration gives tourists a feeling of comfort. As its founders explained, they had the idea of ​​opening this business as a result of a trip to Cusco.

In addition, as he indicates, most of the people who visit them are Americans and Europeans, and they consider that cooking 100% vegan for them is a “passion”.

Its menu is very varied, you will find pastas, hamburgers, international dishes such as masaman curry and taquitos. They take great care of the quality of the ingredients as well as which are the healthiest culinary techniques for their diners.

Vegan ravioli from Chia Vegan Kitchen.  (Photo: Patricia Castañeda)


  • Hours: Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 10:30 pm
  • Address: Calle Carmen alto 133, San Blas.
  • Average ticket: 50 soles

Cusco has many more vegan places to eat. Here is a list of places that unfortunately we were unable to visit due to time, but which are on our to-do list for a next visit.

Vegan burger from Chía Vegan Kitchen.  (Photo: Patricia Castañeda)


Tafru restaurant:

  • Address: Calle Puno 315, Pisac
  • Telephone: 935 031 257

Organic Apu

  • Address: Calle Grau 534, Pisac
  • Telephone: 984 555 581

Sacred Sushi

  • Address: Callao, Pisac
  • Telephone: 965 439 646


  • Address: Pink House, Bolognesi
  • Telephone: 970 888 233

Kula Cafe

  • Address: Grau 675, Pisac
  • Telephone: 927 080 789


healthy bird

Green Guru

  • Address: Av. Mariscal Castilla 640, Urubamba


  • It will open very soon, for more information, you can enter its Instagram account @delivegandelvalle

full spoon

  • Address: Av. Mariscal Castilla 640, Urubamba


Govinda Lila

  • Address: San Blas Market, Cusco
  • Telephone: (084) 790687

The Vegan Temple

  • Address: Choqechaka 425, Cusco
  • Telephone: 946 871 435

the meeting

  • Address: Tigre 130, Cusco
  • Telephone: (084) 244643

Source: Elcomercio

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