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Cocina Poderosa, the initiative that delivers healthy food to common pots in Lima

Do you know what the Cocina Poderosa solidarity project consists of? It is an initiative that was born during the time of the pandemic with the aim of delivering free healthy food rations to common pots. It has been promoted by the associations La Revolución and Peruanos Unidos por la Cocina y Alimentación (PUCA) under the alliance La Receta Para Un Perú Mejor.

The initiative, which was previously called Comida Para Todos, also focused on supporting the economic reactivation of the gastronomy sector, small farmers and common pots, offering a training program that promotes the development of relevant skills for the community and strengthening community resilience through the generation of alliances between the participating entities.

The first deployment was carried out during the months of August, September and October 2021, in which it was possible to bring more than 50,000 food rations to 41 common pots in San Juan de Lurigancho and Rímac. At that time, there were five restaurants in the Historic Center of Lima in charge of preparing the food rations and 18 small producers from whom more than 25 tons of food were purchased.

The second deployment was carried out in mid-2022, it was possible to deliver 12,000 food rations to 12 common pots in Commune 1 of San Juan de Lurigancho. This time, they also had the help of small gastronomic businesses in the Historic Center of Lima: Restaurant Jhan and the Associations of Women Sazón and Sabor Peruano “Las Limeñitas” and Sabor y Encanto de Santo Cristo for the preparation of the food.

The third deployment will take place from the first week of January and 14,000 food rations will be delivered to 19 common pots in the 17A commune of San Juan de Lurigancho, for 7 weeks. The businesses in charge of preparing the rations will be the associations Sabor y Encanto de Santo Cristo y Sazón and Sabor Peruano “Las Limeñitas”, led by women entrepreneurs. In addition to the restaurants Jesus Christ is the Lord and La Olla de Jhan.

Cocina Poderosa will continue its efforts to continue benefiting the most vulnerable communities in the city of Lima.


How to donate?

You can donate through the following account:



ITC: 00219400896205005694


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Source: Elcomercio

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