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Summer in Barranco: 3 Ice Cream Parlors You Can’t Miss in the Ocean View District | VIDEO


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When we go out for a walk during the summer, ice cream is the best alternative to brighten up our day, reward ourselves for a busy week or appease the heat that accompanies us these days. Because, Advantage he took a tour of Barranco, one of the most classic districts to visit during these months, and he met three ideal ice cream parlors to enjoy. Discover more about their stories and letters in this note.

Blu: the neighborhood gelato

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In 2014, friends Laura and Nicolás decided to venture to open Blu, a space dedicated to traditional Italian ice cream. For both, a space dedicated to artisanal ice creams was needed, offering an interesting variety of milk-based gelatos and water-based sorbettos.

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Thus, in February 2015, they opened their first store located in Barranco. Currently this venue, one of three, is one of the spaces most visited by visitors to the district during the summer. They offer ice creams prepared with ingredients from different provinces of the country, as well as with imported ingredients, all of good quality.

Precisely, Provecho visited this space that offers a variety of 16 flavors, among which 2 to 6 are usually sorbettos. Among these flavors we can find maracumango, one of the favorites; lemon, strawberry and blueberries and granadilla. Among the ice cream flavors we can find coffee, stracciatella, choconibs, gianduia and the classic chocolate.


Blu: the neighborhood gelato It has three stores in Barranco (Jr. 28 de Julio 202), La Molina (Santiago de Compostela 167) and San Isidro (Miguel Dasso 113). You can also place orders through WhatsApp (977516642) or PedidosYa. You can learn more about his proposal on the Instagram profile @blu.ilgelato.

Cream of the Cream

This ice cream parlor arose as an idea between three friends, who were cooks and wanted to bet on artisan ice creams and desserts. Thus, in 2013 they began to create Crem dela Crem, a brand whose main store is located in the Parque Municipal de Barranco, in a historic mansion in the district and is pet friendly.

Without a doubt, it is one of the brands that experiments the most with different flavors and inspirations. Thus, they created a menu that includes everything from the most classic gelato and sorbetto flavors, such as chocolate and strawberry, to complex and interesting creations such as pineapple and lemon verbena sorbetto -our favorite- or cheesecake ice cream.

In their menu they also include some ice cream options sweetened with stevia, such as berries. In addition, they offer desserts such as kekes, chocolate cake, carrot cake, lemon pie, and cookies, among others.


Cream of the Cream It has stores in Barranco (Municipal Park 109), Surco (Av. Ayacucho 468) and Punta Hermosa (Punta del Sur). To place orders for delivery, you can find them at Rappi. If you want to know more about their menu and hours, visit their Instagram profile @cremdelacrem_gelateria.

lime ice cream

This space emerged a little over a year ago, with Romy Beuermann as its founder. The brand is sister to the well-known Café de Lima space and focuses on offering a selection of extra creamy ice creams prepared with the best ingredients.

Its flavor menu includes a delicious mix of mascarpone and raspberries, pistachio, coconut, chocolate, toffee, stracciatella, lucuma, crunchy peanuts and passion fruit. We recommend ordering them with the cone of the house.

Its location is located on Jr. Colina and it is a cozy two-story space where you can enjoy coffee, milshakes and other drinks, as well as waffles with ice cream. You can also find a delicious croissant filled with ice cream, which we recommend ordering with the mascarpone and raspberry one.


lime ice cream It is located at Jr. Colina 109, Barranco and is open from Monday to Sunday, from 11 am to 8 pm They place orders via delivery through Rappy, OrdersYa and via WhatsApp (955364272). Discover more about his proposal on the Instagram profile @helado_delima.

Source: Elcomercio

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