Give and take as much as you want (Photo: Shawn Michael)

The “wellness” industry can feel like a rather exclusive club – one that you’re only allowed to join when you’re at the peak of your body, mind and spirit.

But one Caribbean resort is determined to encourage the opposite of that.

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BodyHoliday in St. Lucia is a wellness retreat that’s all about embracing all aspects of wellness – from fitness and self-care to trying new experiences and living life to the fullest.

It advocates balance – in every aspect of the word.

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You could sit here all week – if you wanted to… (Photo: BodyHoliday)

Body Resort, Saint Lucia

…but the resort has so much to offer in so many areas (Photo: BodyHoliday)

Basically, you can give or take as much as you want – whether that’s hardcore every day during gym class or just sitting on the beach reading and drinking piña coladas all the time (yes, you can).

My five day vacation at this place was honestly the most relaxing I’ve felt in an incredibly long time.

As cliche as it sounds, it made me realize how important it is to take care of yourself – not just from a smoothie drinking and meditation perspective, but simply by noticing your surroundings, pushing yourself into new things, things try and place yourself first. .

Familiar favorites and new activities to try

Body Resort, Saint Lucia

Choose from aqua fitness, water skiing, Zumba and more (Photo: BodyHoliday)

The all-inclusive resort means pretty much everything is covered: activities, fitness classes, dining, daily spa treatments, and more. So you will certainly lack nothing.

A new jam-packed route awaits you every day, with lessons and activities every hour – and you can choose as many or as few as you like.

From spin classes, aqua fitness, Pilates and Zumba to water skiing, scuba diving, tennis and golf – you name it, it’s probably on the agenda.

Sunrise Beach Boot Camp is worth an early start as the reward is the feel-good endorphins as you take in St. Lucia’s stunning scenery.

And while I’m someone who’s always had a hard time getting on board with mindfulness and meditation, cyclical meditation with Dr. Ashwath – very practical – how to calm my mind through movement.

the itinerary

A one-day itinerary for guests to stop at whatever they want (Photo: Lizzie Thomson)

Body holiday St. Lucia

Beach Bootcamp at 7 a.m. is worth it – promise (Photo: BodyHoliday)

I also went waterskiing in the sea for the first time on a beginners activity – very unsuccessfully, may I add.

Snorkeling trips are also offered at the resort. My group flew to the island’s famous Pitons for our ocean session and scenic cruise around St. Lucia.

Feel rejuvenated with a daily spa treatment

the spa at BodyHoliday Resort, St. Lucia

The 33-room spa (Photo: BodyHoliday)

Each BodyHoliday guest can enjoy a complimentary spa treatment every day of their stay with a choice of body wraps, head massages, thalassotherapy and facials on the menu – so you can try something new if you wish.

A Thai yoga massage is just one of the options available, where a professional twists your body into different positions to stretch the muscles, leaving you with putty in his hands.

During mine, I opened my eyes to discover that the masseuse had climbed onto the bed next to me and held my leg at a 90-degree angle as she pressed her foot deep into my tense thighs. It certainly wasn’t the most relaxing treatment I’ve ever booked, but it was without a doubt one of the best I’ve experienced to get those pesky knots out of the corners of my body.

A resort that offers something for everyone

Body Resort, Saint Lucia

All-inclusive is about balance – not indulgence (Photo: Jarde P)

We all know that food can make or break a journey. And you might assume that green juices, salads, and superfoods would dominate a wellness retreat’s menu, but BodyHoliday’s offerings couldn’t be further from that.

Yes, these healthier and more nutritious options are available every day, but they’re not the only focus. “Balance, no abstinence” is the hotel’s motto when it comes to food and drink.

Cariblue is the hotel’s all-day restaurant, offering a variety of breakfast and dinner options. For great sushi, Asian dishes and fine wine, Tao is the hotel’s gourmet restaurant – and don’t forget to try the selection of aged rums.

Cariblue Windows is the place to go for something more casual, with tasting menus and wine pairings to power you through the evening, while the Wellness Café is the place to go for an energizing smoothie or sandwich during the day.

I Valley Restaurant at BodyHoliday Resort, St Lucia

Be sure to have lunch or dinner at sunset in the I Valley (Photo: BodyHoliday)

My favorite restaurant, however, was I-Tal – a farm-to-table dining experience in the hills where the team prepare plant-based meals using produce from the hotel’s garden.

Be sure to try the hotel’s signature cocktail, Clubhouse Delight – you won’t regret it.

Quiet rooms

The resort has a total of 155 rooms, each with a beautiful view of the garden or the sea. A plunge pool in my ocean view room and a beautiful seascape of the bay from the balcony that I loved sitting on with a cup of coffee in the morning and at sunset.

There is limited wifi throughout the resort – the idea is to disconnect yourself from reality. But if you prefer, you can tap into the outside world from the comfort of your own room.

Food to take away

All in all, BodyHoliday turns the traditional concept of ‘wellness retreats’ on its head.

It’s not about denying yourself a treat or doing a week-long Green Juice cure, but about balance and mental and physical recharge – whether it’s cocktails on the beach, a feel-good stretch or a heavenly massage .

What more do you really want?

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