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With heat? 8 Tik Tok recipes that will refresh you this summer

Summer has the particularity of making us feel that the heat never ends. Regardless of the time of day, most people dream of some refreshing drink or sweet, and on Tik Tok there seems to be more than one solution. That’s why, Advantage It brings together eight easy, delicious recipes for the whole family that cannot be missing at home and that are found on the well-known platform. Learn how to prepare from a delicious sorbet with your favorite fruits to an iced coffee that you will surely love.

fruit sorbet

Ailu Tokman is a renowned Argentine tiktoker who shares her best recipes every day and this is no exception. With only five ingredients you will have a sorbet, which is a preparation similar to ice cream but does not contain dairy products. Here he prepares it with grapes and strawberries, lemon juice, honey and sweetener. Best of all, depending on the area you are in, you can use the fruits that are in season.

@ailutokman THE HEAT IS COMING: I combined my two favorite fruits to make a super refreshing dessert! ???? ???? • – The fruits that you like the most (in my case grapes and strawberries) ???? – Lemon juice ???? – Honey ???? (so it doesn’t crystallize) – Sweetener (I used sweetener but you can add sugar) • #helado #frutas # strawberry #recipe ♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

Pink lemonade

Although this video teaches us how to prepare a pink lemonade, the technique that @superpilopi offers us seems to be perfect to replicate with other fruits of our choice and create a kind of syrup or base for the lemonade that will never fail.

Iced tea

We know, there is no great science behind this drink and many probably know how to prepare it. Iced tea with lemon is a classic that conquers regardless of the country due to its simplicity and power to refresh us. Here they give us a trick to sweeten it without using sugar, which sometimes does not completely dissolve in cold drinks: opt for honey. You can also exchange the peppermint for mint or another option.

flavored ice

This is, without fear of being wrong, one of the trends that Tik Tok has taken. The premise is simple: to make traditional water richer and easier to drink, especially for those who don’t enjoy it as much. Here they show us how to prepare it with mint, watermelon, blueberries, kiwi and peach, but the trick is to use your favorite fruits and that they are in season. Everything will depend on the creativity of each one.

Watermelon and lemon sorbet

Are you one of those who loves watermelon because of how refreshing it is? If the answer is yes, here we show you how to take advantage of it in a different and equally fresh way. With few ingredients you can have a dessert that will conquer all your guests.

@elrojitococina Lemon and sideburn sorbet easy and refreshing dessert that you can make with the kids! #venezuela #receta #colombia #helado #easy ♬ Summer day – TimTaj

Iced coffee

Iced coffee with caramel is probably one of the favorite preparations of the public who love cold coffee in its different versions. Sweet, intense and refreshing, this recipe shared by Valen Diaz will become a favorite at home.

Homemade fruit popsicles

The chups, Martians or bodoques -whatever you want to call them-, are an economical and ideal alternative so that everyone at home can enjoy a frozen dessert. Here, Nicola Graham shares three versions of popsicles: berry with yogurt, lemon and raspberry, and mandarin. Which would you like to prepare first?

Frozen passion fruit

The passion fruit is a fruit that many Peruvians enjoy in juices, pacifiers and ice creams. One of the most classic preparations to accompany a lunch in any restaurant is a good frozen passion fruit that the content creator Julio César Ayca teaches you how to prepare here.

Source: Elcomercio

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