Menu for the whole week: 7 ideas of dishes to cook from March 13 to 19


A new week to think about what to cook daily, here we bring you an option for each day, they are usually easy recipes with few ingredients, but they will surprise you with their flavor. In addition, we share a drink and dessert option with you. Don’t forget to save the link for daily review.

1. Monday March 13

Green noodles

Start the week eating one of the favorite dishes of Peruvian cuisine, also with a recipe that promises a sauce that will surprise anyone.

Read the recipe for green noodles

2. Tuesday March 14

stuffed potato

Another classic of Peruvian cuisine for a Tuesday, that is why we bring you the recipe for the stuffed potato so that it is just right.

Read the stuffed potato recipe

3. Wednesday March 15

fish in salt crust

An easy recipe for midweek. In addition, you will be able to eat fish in another way.

Read the salt crusted fish recipe

4. Thursday March 16

Discover how to prepare this simple recipe at home.

Tuna croquettes

A different way to eat tuna is to do it in a croquette. Here we share an easy recipe with few ingredients.

Read the recipe for tuna croquettes

5. Friday March 17

Huancaina-style spaghetti with breaded milanesa

For a Friday, a classic huancaina sauce and some super crispy chicken milanesas never go wrong.

Read the recipe for spaghetti a la huancaina with breaded milanesa

6. Saturday March 18

Where to find the best lomo saltado?  With this recipe from La Gastronauta you can easily make it at home.  (The Gastronaut)

Salted loin

Prepare an amazing lomo saltado with this recipe, which although it may seem difficult, following all the steps will make it less complicated.

Read the lomo saltado recipe

7. Sunday March 19

Colette shares a recipe that is enjoyed by her family, especially on the weekends.

turkey stew

A dish for a weekend and to share with the family, in addition, a simple recipe that will make you remember the days at grandma’s house

Read the turkey stew recipe

The chosen drink

Lemonade is a very beneficial drink.  (Photo: ThinkStock)


In the absence of a drink, we share the lemonade with strawberries and honey that you can prepare at any time.

Read the lemonade recipe

The dessert of the week

sweet little court

Enjoy an afternoon or movie night with a sweet snack for the whole family or just for you.

Read the sweet canchita recipe

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