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These are the best ice cream parlors in Lima, according to Provecho readers

Provecho’s Instagram followers were in charge of choosing which is the best ice cream in Lima. After reviewing the more than 250 comments, ten were the most mentioned ice cream parlors. Here we tell you what they are:

1. Atelier Amore Gelato

Provecho followers chose Atelier Amore Gelato as the best ice cream in Lima. There are different flavors and options, there are the handmade ones, the premium handmade ones, the vegan ones, the ones made with Stevia, the cookies and the popsicles. You find them in different stores and also on their website.

2. Enrolled Ice Cream Parlor – Creperie

The fried ice creams could not be missing and according to the Provecho fans, the best ones are found in Enrolados, an ice cream parlor – creperie that has a varied offer of flavors. The extreme mega fried ice cream has a value of 12.90 soles. It has eight stores in different parts of Lima.

3. Anacapri Gelateria

“A traditional gelateria with a young spirit”, is how Anacapri defines itself, an ice cream parlor that has different types of ice cream. They serve from Monday to Sunday from 12 PM to 10 PM at Coronel Inclán 300 – Miraflores and also delivery.

4. Mare Di Gelato

This ice cream parlor offers the classic Italian gelato in classic flavors such as: peanut, lucuma, coconut, snickers or premium flavors such as: pistacchio, lucuma with Nutella or Ferrero Rocher. You have the option of pick up or delivery, both are coordinated through the WhatsApp number: 51945020935.

5. Quncha Misky

An undertaking that Provecho fans really like, its ice creams, like all its desserts, are 100% vegan. Its ice cream flavors are divided into classic: Mentachip, Chocolate, Vanilla, Stracciatella, Strawberry and premium flavors: Cookies N cream, Vaileys (Contains alcohol) and Alfajor. Orders are made through your Instagram account.

6. Cremeria Toscana Peru

A fairly traditional Italian gelateria that has become a favorite with many. Currently, it has two stores: Av. Conquistadores 325 – San Isidro and Mercado 28 – El Polo. In addition, you can order by WhatsApp or rappi.

7. Blu: the neighborhood gelato

For eight years, Blu has sweetened its users with its different flavors of artisan ice cream. In their three stores in Barranco, La Molina and San Isidro they offer a series of options for everyone. It can also be ordered through Order Now.

8. Factory Palettes

A new way of eating ice cream, Paletas Factory has three different proposals: Postrelado, which has two presentations, in the form of a popsicle or in 110 ml containers, Guapops, ice pops made from fruit bases, and Snow Bird Fit, a fit line and healthy. These ice creams can be found in Lima, Chiclayo and Trujillo, through the different delivery applications.

9. Napoli Gelato

Provecho fans also enjoy the Napoli Gelato ice creams, their offer is varied, the classics, sorbettos, vegetable milk and Stevia. Prices vary between 10 soles and 13 soles. In addition to finding it in your store, you can order it Rappi and Orders Now.

10. Cream of the cream

An ice cream parlor that has also been considered the one with the best ice cream in Lima is Crem de la crem, its ice cream can be found in its stores in Barranco, Punta Hermosa, Surco and Miraflores. Also, you can order it by Rappi and Orders Now.

Source: Elcomercio

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