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Cremoladas and raspadillas: 5 options to enjoy these frozen desserts in Lima

Although the quintessential summer dessert is ice cream, in our country two very special preparations are also enjoyed and are even better for dealing with this warmth that seems not to go away anytime soon. We are referring to cremoladas and raspadillas, desserts that combine ice or water with fruit in different ways but end up being delicious.


In the district of Los Olivos is one of the most original and creative places that we found in our search: AshKim. Here they offer an ornate version of the classic raspadilla, in addition to combining crushed ice with fruit syrup, they include pieces of the same, which makes each creation a unique, refreshing and ideal dessert for summer.

Luis Rabanal, together with his wife Francis -who is the creator of this type of raspadilla-, have been in this business for ten years where the main thing is the quality of the inputs and the creativity to combine them.

“To this day, we choose the fruit before buying it and we train collaborators so that they specialize in each of the ones we use and know how to cut it in the best way,” explains Francis.

Its menu is divided into four sections: Citrus, Sweet, Very Sweet and Extras. In the first, we can find combinations like the Twin, which includes pineapple, mango, passion fruit and coconut. In the second, we find versions like the Ashkim that has strawberry, coconut, lucuma and vanilla. The third, for those with a sweet tooth, includes combinations such as strawberry, coconut and tamarind, called Morir Soñando. We also find a curious union: coffee with coconut, in the final section.


AshKim It is located at Jr. Heroísmo 51, 2nd PRO, Los Olivos. They are open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm. You can learn more about their hours and proposal on the Instagram profile @ashkim.peru.

Worker Lima

In the district of Santa Beatriz, in 2013, the Worker Lima, a space mostly known for its abundant and delicious salchipapas prepared with native potatoes. What, perhaps, many do not know is that they also began to sell cremoladas as an extra option.

Jair Gonzáles, owner of this brand, says that they were thinking about options to add to their menu and that would fit with the summer season. Thus, they opted for cremoladas and their success is evident. At the San Isidro premises, at lunchtime, many people who leave their workplaces gather to enjoy some of the flavors they offer.

Its menu is small, but the quality and creaminess of its cremoladas makes this the least of it. Without a doubt, the texture is different from other spaces, since they are committed to offering an almost sorbet.

The flavors that can be enjoyed include the most classic ones such as passion fruit, mango, strawberry pudding, and coconut pudding, but we also find some very Peruvian and creative flavors such as burgundy grape, blueberry, chicha morada, and cherimoya pudding.

Lima Obrera offers one of the creamiest cremoladas on the market, with classic flavors like mango, chicha morada, and coconut.


Worker Lima It has four locations:

San Isidro (Petit Thouars 2842): Monday to Sunday, from 11 am to 10 pm

Saint Beatrix (Teodoro Cárdenas 525): from Monday to Wednesday from 10 am to 8 pm and from Thursday to Sunday, until 10 pm

Jesus Maria (Húsares de Junín 217): Monday to Sunday, from 11 am to 9 pm

Brena (Jorge Chávez 555): Monday to Sunday, from 11 am to 8 pm

Find them on Instagram (@limaobrera) to learn more about their proposal.

Curich Cremoladas

If you are visiting Miraflores, Curich Cremoladas is the perfect place to appease the heat with some of its most curious flavors such as mango, plum or raspberry. This family business, whose origins date back to 1942, is currently run by Troika Curich Moreno.

“My dad was an ice cream maker by profession and when he arrived in Peru after traveling through Latin America he fell in love with our country. Together with my mother, they settled in Tumbes and started a business that later became Cremoladas Curich ”, the general manager explains to Advantage.

It is neither an ice cream nor a sorbet nor a juice, but it shares similarities with these three preparations. In Curich they found the perfect balance and thus offer different types of cremoladas.

Among the flavors that are combined with milk we find aguaje, chocolate, custard apple and carob. On the other hand, the most classic include options such as plum, camu camu, granadilla, piña colada, watermelon, tamarind, and pineapple, to name a few.

One of the most classic spaces on this list is Curich, located in Miraflores.


Curich Cremoladas It has only one store in Miraflores (Calle Bolognesi 759). They are open every day, from 9 am to 10 pm. Also, you can find them at Rappi. Visit his Instagram profile to learn all about his letter (@curichcremoladas).

D’Garibay raspadillas

Among the streets of the La Victoria district, we find one of the most iconic “raspadillas” stalls in the city, which brings together all kinds of diners early on. Since 1960, Raspadillas D’Garibay has offered a simple but no less delicious version of this frozen dessert.

It is the classic finely chopped ice that is crowned with one of the five flavors of fruit syrups that they prepare in the same stall: coconut with milk, lucuma, strawberry, tamarind and mango. Although they may be simple options, the real fruit flavor is noticeable, which has conquered thousands of people.

Graciela Doria, current owner of the brand and granddaughter of the founder Graciela Garibay, tells Advantage that his grandmother came from Ayacucho looking for better opportunities. “Her greatest strength of hers was her desire to grow. Thus, one day she decided to take advantage of the fruits that she sold in her central market stall and prepared syrups to accompany the ice that she scraped with a knife”, explains Doria.

In the district of La Victoria we can find Raspadillas D'Garibay, a place of worship that has been operating during the summer season since 1960.


D’Garibay raspadillas It is located at Av. Las Américas 151, La Victoria. They are open from Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6:15 pm. Find them on Instagram as @dgaribaype.

Yayo cremoladas

One of the most emblematic spaces in the Breña district is Cremoladas Yayo. This brand, created in 1989 by Edwin Jáuregui “Yayo”, is almost cult and brings together, in its three stores, thousands of lovers of the most classic cremoladas every summer.

It was born as a project to pay for his needs as a university student but, with the help of his mother, it became the recognized brand that is enjoyed today.

The most traditional flavors are those that combine milk with fruits such as strawberry, coconut and lucuma. In addition, you can find other options such as passion fruit, lemon, mango, peach, carob, soursop and banana split, among others.

When it comes to cremoladas, Yayo is one of the best-known spaces on this list.


Yayo cremoladas It has stores in: Breña (Jr. Manoa 545 // Av. Tingo María 567) and San Luis (Av. Aviación 2145). Visit her website or Instagram profile (@cremoladasyayo) to learn more about her letter and story.

Source: Elcomercio

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