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The perfect stuffed potato exists and you can make it with this recipe

It can be an appetizer or, if it is very large, it can also be served as a main dish, depending on the taste of each one. A tasty stuffed potato can be accompanied by a lettuce leaf and its obligatory Creole bramble. In this recipe of Yo Madre’s Recipes you will find the explained and detailed steps to fry the stuffed potato ideal.

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Here are the ingredients and instructions:


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Boil the potatoes, and once ready, peel them and pass them through a press, or with the help of a fork, mash them until they become a puree. To the pressed potato add the beaten egg and salt to taste. Mix everything and let it rest for about 30 minutes so that the potato compacts much better. Prepare a dressing with a drizzle of oil and the diced onion. If you decided to use the ground red pepper, add that as well. Let the mixture brown over low heat for about 4 minutes and add the ground beef, pepper, cumin and salt to taste. The meat should cook for at least 8 minutes, but don’t neglect the preparation and move it constantly.

Finally, add the chopped raisins and olives. Taste the flavor and let it cool so you can fill the potatoes. With a little flour in your hands, assemble the potatoes and add the filling along with a piece of boiled egg. When you have armed the potatoes, pass them through a little flour. Before frying, pass the potatoes through beaten egg. Use a good amount of oil to fry them and add them when the oil is very hot. Fry them over low heat. Let them brown evenly on all sides, and when you remove them, do so carefully.

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