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Karol G generates controversy between Colombia and Venezuela for a comment about the tequeñitos

Karol G is at a great moment in his career, his latest album “Tomorrow will be beautiful” has become a resounding success and especially the collaboration with Shakira. However, some comments from the popular “Bichota” have sparked a culinary controversy among her Colombian and Venezuelan fans, and it’s not exactly because of the arepa.

The singer was invited to the segment “My Favorites Snacks” on the popular YouTube channel First We Feast, where she tasted her favorite Colombian products and dishes, among which she chose tequeños or cheese sticks as she calls them.

“This is a dream,” says the singer while eating one of the sticks, she also invites her followers that if they go to Colombia they necessarily have to buy them because they will find them on every corner. She is also encouraged to compare them with Colombian empanadas, but she says that between one and the other she lives and dies for tequeñitos.

Precisely this invitation made his Venezuelan fans begin to comment on social networks that the tequeños are actually from his country and that they forgave him everything except the appropriation of this sandwich.

As with any ancient dish, there are different stories, but one of the most popular is that it was invented by the cooks of one of the wealthiest families in the city of Los Teques, in Venezuela. This because they did not want to throw away the leftover bread dough, so what they did was wrap the cheese and fry it.

In that sense, the tequeños or cheese sticks would be of Venezuelan origin, but the controversy is served between the citizens of both countries.

The singer, in addition to trying the tequeñitos, also tries the Tostacos, the popular hot dog, the patacones, the Chocoramo, the Bon Bon Bum, the Chocolatina Jet, the Supercoco and the Nucita.

Source: Elcomercio

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