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Pollos Bolívar, the traditional grilled chicken from Trujillo that is now also enjoyed by the people of Lima

A chicken with Trujillo history

50 years ago the first location of Pollos Bolívar was founded in Trujillo, here a family tradition would begin that would continue over the years. In 2001, it was Alberto’s parents who, seeking to maintain the flavor, set up their own place to which they would add two words: Pollos Bolívar de Húsares, because of the place where they were located.

This is where Alberto grew up, among coal and chickens, where he learned the family business and was in charge of keeping the great secret of grilled chicken and Bolívar chili. But the years would pass and Lima, which is usually a city that is always reached, motivated them to set up their own place in the midst of a pandemic.

that’s how it’s born Bolivar Chickensa flavor with history, a proposal that maintains the Trujillo flavor, but with a menu that pleases the Lima palate.

“Here we sell the same grilled chicken from Trujillo, so much so that the dressing comes from there, in this way we make sure to maintain the recipe that Trujillo fell in love with”says Alberto.

The sauces they offer are completely homemade. “The mayonnaise is homemade, the vinaigrette is homemade, the Huacatay chili pepper is homemade and the inevitable Bolívar chili pepper, which is the one of a lifetime and which is a secret recipe, is also prepared in Lima”says the manager.

The location in Lince has meant a challenge for Alberto and Milagros, his girlfriend, who bet on a food business in the midst of a health crisis, without knowing that a political crisis would come, which somehow affected the situation. In these two years they have obtained certain recognitions such as third place in the Filo Festival, however, the most important thing is that they are beginning to be recognized for their good grilled chicken.

The offer of Pollos Bolívar

In addition to the grilled chicken with its Peruvian potatoes, they have the inevitable Mostrito, the salchipapa, the crispy broaster chicken that is enough for two people and in July they will have new à la carte entries.

“The menu in Lima is broader, we adapt to what people ask of us, in fact we start with grills and broasters and from there the salchipapa. Grilled chicken is always our forte, but lomo saltado and mostrito are also welcome”says Albert.

The idea of Bolivar Chickens is to continue gaining Lima diners, until last year many of the people who arrived were those who have some relationship with Trujillo, however, word of mouth has allowed them to impact a new audience that knows them for their flavor.

“Many when they arrive they tell us they have spoken to me very well, I hope they don’t disappoint me, and we never disappoint. That is really very comforting. And in fact, what we would like to bet on is being able to launch a line of event coverage”, mentions the manager.

The idea in the medium term is to have another dispatch point with which they can reach other districts and thus continue the expansion of Pollos Bolívar.


More about Pollos Bolivar

Address: Ignacio Merino 2487 – Lynx

Hours of operation: From Tuesday to Sunday from 12 to 10 pm

Prices: A chicken at 62.50 soles, half a chicken at 37.50 soles, a quarter chicken at 19.00 soles and an eighth at 11.00 soles.

Source: Elcomercio

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