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Streets with a lot of flavor: 10 places to eat on Av. El Polo

Streets with a lot of flavor: 10 places to eat on Av. El Polo

Streets with a lot of flavor: 10 places to eat on Av. El Polo


With its colorful and eclectic atmosphere, the bar has earned a place in the Lima nightlife. Proof of this is that it has expanded with more than 20 points, one of them in Surco. We come to drink craft beers (it has more than 41 types served since the draft), listen to music, eat salchipapas, hamburgers and wings (all made to accompany the beer afternoon or night).

Address: Av. El Polo 266, Groove.


The grill franchise, which offers the best Argentine meats, continues to be renewed to the taste of its diners. To the roast strip, skewers of steak, chorizo ​​or BBQ ribs add other options for vegetarians and vegans, so that everyone can enjoy good food together. Among these are the burrata tartare, grilled mushrooms, and grilled vegetables. On the other hand, they have three Halal cuts of meat (corazón de rump, entraña and bife de chorizo), which complies with what is established to be consumed by the Arab Muslim community.

Address: Pole 284, Groove.


The meat and grill restaurant, run by Carolina Uechi, stands out for its mastery of technique and the inclusion of oriental flavors on the menu. Their hoisin pig (bacon cooked for 48 hours in oriental sauce) is already a classic, but you must also try their Nikkei trout tiradito, the fancy burger and the garlic mushrooms. In a world usually led by men, she has managed to stand out in the meat and grill business.

Address: Av. El Polo, 418. Groove.


In this charming cafeteria you can enjoy breakfast with friends, lunch with co-workers or snacks for dinner. To start the morning, they have bowls of fruit and açaí, as well as salty and sweet plantains. On the menu you find a variety of salads, pastas and funds (such as an oriental and roast pig bowl). End the experience with some dessert or their generous sandwiches.

Address: Av. El Polo, 480. Santiago de Surco.


Isolina is in Barranco and Surco. José del Castillo opened, this year, the place that maintains the same spirit, the same generous portions and the good flavor of the first restaurant. Traditional and Creole flavors stand out on the menu: stuffed potato, ceviche and lomo saltado. To these are added other dishes such as the silverside cause, the juicy duck cebiche and ribs with Malaya dressing, golden potatoes and pickled onions. The bar is open to toast with a chilcano. Health!

Address: Av. El Polo 605, Groove.


The cebichería pays homage to the port and to the fishermen thanks to whom we can enjoy a variety of fish and shellfish at the table. Its menu meets all the cravings for those who go in search of seafood: leche de tigre, causas, five types of cebiches, a variety of rice dishes with fish and shellfish, pork rinds and soups (chilcano, sudado, chupe). Since we Peruvians like to combine, there are also duos for all tastes: oriental, fried, squid, etc.

Address: Av. El Polo 610, Groove.


Kaikan means meeting point, perhaps for this reason the atmosphere of the restaurant is so welcoming among the cherry blossoms and good wishes hanging from its branches. The space offers a delicious mix between Peruvian and Japanese seasoning with 14 maki options (such as Ryu and Samurai), 8 varieties of soups (including tonkotsu ramen and Kaikan chupe), different tiraditos and funds such as Nikkei risotto, the batayaki beef ramen and the classic butadon.

Address: CC The Pole II. Av. El Polo 670, Groove.


As their name says, they are specialists in this art of baking, either in a sweet version (with 12 presentations of fillings) or salty (with five options). The pastry cream, nutella and almond croissants are the most popular sweet croissants. In the case of salty, there is no loss with a mix. Sit down (bring a book or if you prefer to move on with work) and enjoy the good atmosphere.

Address: CC The Pole II. Av. El Polo 670, Groove.


Nikkei rules in this restaurant, with its makis, nigiris, tiraditos and more. Main courses include an interesting touch of Peruvian (especially Amazonian) ingredients such as paiche misoyaki (fish gratin with coconut butter, miso and lemon) and pato mochero (crispy duck leg over wok rice, jerky and shiitake with honey). tumble).

Address: CC The Pole II. Av. El Polo 670, Groove.


This gastronomic market offers an option for all tastes: marine cuisine from Polo Marino, the abundant Pica Pollo, the poke bowls from Kaito, the pizzas from Pranzare, the Asian cuisine from Clan K, the grills from Huayros, the hamburgers from Burgers by La Carnicería, the Mexican food of El Chilanguito, the chifa of Wantan Wok, the fusion cuisine of Aima Tapas Peruanas, the addictive Cukeez and the creamy ice creams of Cremería Toscana.

Address: Av. El Polo 695, Groove.


Source: Elcomercio

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