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Craving for picarones? Our guide with 5 must-see places in Lima

A good excuse to enjoy the best of Peruvian food is to be in the national month. In July, the streets are dressed in red and white, with flags adorning the facades; and Peruvian restaurants offer traditional desserts and dishes, which we must not miss.

Picarones, a traditional Peruvian dessert, has Spanish inspiration, as it is a variant of Spanish fritters, made from flour, eggs, and yeast. However, this Peruvian dessert has other ingredients and a different preparation. In Peru, native ingredients such as sweet potato and pumpkin were added. Until now, the tradition is maintained.

Next, we leave you a list of five places that we recommend and where we think they sell the best picarones in Lima.

This restaurant led by the chef Lourdes Cuba is a Peruvian cuisine proposal. Their specialty is Creole food, and there they could not miss the picarones with their delicious chancaca honey. The rings arrive chubby, hot directly to the table or through the delivery service. The presentation has generous honey and the portion is enough to share.

The Cuba restaurant has two locations. One in Miraflores (Av. Alfredo Benavides 2392) and another in La Molina (Av. Javier Prado 6326). In addition, it can be ordered by delivery to 449.2145 / 348.7802 or WhatsApp 959 865 977.

As for the price, you can order 4 units as / 17 or 5 units as / 19.

This is a classic that was born in Chorrillos. The picarones have been part of his list of wheelbarrow dishes, in addition to having the traditional anticuchos, rachi, choncholí, etc. In Marabunta they respect the traditional picarones recipe that has been reproduced by chef Neemías Pomachagua. This Peruvian dessert is served with abundant homemade honey with aromas of fig.

Picarones Marabunda.  (Photo: Marabunda)

Marabunda has three locations. One in Chorrillos (Av. Guardia Peruana with Av. Matellini), one in Jesús María (Av. Horacio Urteaga 1526) and one in Surquillo (Av. Villarán 714).

As for the price, the portion of 4 rings costs s / 10.

One of the most traditional places to eat picarones is Kennedy Park. At this point in Miraflores, there is Mary, a space created by Pablo Valverde and Maria Gonzales, who started in this business more than 20 years ago.

Mary has had many accolades. In addition, being part of Mistura and was one of the representatives that Peru had in the Netflix documentary Street Food South America, thanks to the quality of its traditional picarón.

Picarones Mary.  (Photo: Picarones Mary)

When tasting these picarones, the sweet potato and pumpkin are felt in the dough that results in a golden and crispy ring on the outside, as for the honey, they take great care in the preparation because they have an aroma of fruit and fig leaf.

In addition, they can visit them at their new store in Jirón Preciados 106, in Surco, where apart from their picarones they sell Lima sweets.

As for the price, 5 rings cost s / 7.

The most creative picarones in Lima are undoubtedly those of Lina. In addition to having the traditional macre squash. Lina has incorporated new flours such as Quinoa and purple corn into the dough of her picarones, as well as honeys from the traditional fig honey and has a passion fruit and purple girl honey.

Picarones Lina.  (Photo: Picarones Lina)

Picarones Lina is located in Av. Tomas Valle with Bertello, Callao. You can also order by delivery at 952144635.

As for the price, 4 units is s / 5. There are also presentations of a source (of 16 units) as / 18.

A characteristic place of Jesús María is Puntito Dulce. This establishment with more than 21 years, is a traditional candy store of yesteryear. In its menu, it has sweets and homemade meals prepared by Mrs. Rosa Castro. And of course, the inevitable picarones are included in the menu.

Sweet Puntito Picarones.  (Photo: Puntito Dulce)

Wrapped in metallic paper, they arrive home warm. Its dough is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. In addition, honey is sweet and perfect to accompany the sweet potato and pumpkin batter. The portion includes 4 picarones with abundant honey as / 5.50.

It is located in Av Horacio Urteaga 1399, Jesús María. They have branches in Magdalena at José Gálvez 560 and in Salamanca at José Playa 117. And they also serve delivery through WhatsApp 953 798 294.

The table is set. Enjoy.


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