Vegan ice creams: the place in Surquillo that will surprise you


There is no ideal season or time for ice creams, they fall either summer or winter. We could even say that there is no fair share either. One serves what the heart says. There is a place in Lima (to be more exact, in Surquillo), which has taken up the tradition of good ice cream and modernized it by creating various vegan flavors, using vegetable drinks (such as almonds with seasonal fruits), seaweed (such as spirulina) and vegetables (such as spinach).

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Arriving in Napoli, we find it to be a cozy place, decorated with great dedication. Each space in this ice cream parlor can serve as the perfect background for a photo on Instagram. Each pot, each chair and even each tableware has been chosen to tone and generate harmony.

Napoli began operations in February 2017, at the same location in Villarán. It was a space with a single environment, in which there were some tables (with the style that they still maintain). There was a counter, the ice cream display case, and a free water dispenser.

Jesús López took ice cream courses in Ayacucho, the city where he lived with his children and wife. Before opening a line with its own ice creams, it sold the D’Onofrio brand. After a while, Denisse Fry, his wife and partner, tells that they decide to bring the project to Lima.

Napoli Ice Creams and Waffles, a gelateria that features traditional and vegan flavors.  (Photo: courtesy Napoli)

That same year, Napoli, who had already gone to some fairs, was called to participate in the last Mistura. Its differential was its ice creams made with vegetable drinks. Jesús and Denisse’s daughter had started a plant-based diet (vegan) and so they decided to implement a new line in addition to the traditional one made with cow’s milk.

They no longer only had pure fruit sorbets, they had created creamy ice creams with vegetable drinks, something that had not been in the Peruvian market until that moment. In addition, not only their texture was like the traditional one, they had a precise sweetness so as not to cloak and enjoy them.

Creative ice cream from Napoli.  (Photo: Napoli)

We also focus on bringing healthy products. My oldest daughter is vegan, I am a vegetarian, and my husband tries. I believe that people can eat something delicious, healthy and vegan. Our sorbets are 100% fruit, there are brands that use fat, we want you to enjoy something rich but healthy”, Indicates Denisse Fry.

Currently, more than 60% of Napoli’s ice creams are vegan, that is, they do not contain dairy or any input of animal origin. The rest are still traditional for the public that has not yet dared to try something different. However, according to Denisse, who tries vegan ice cream and waffles, she no longer usually asks for the traditional ones. They are delighted.

Our clients are usually a young audience, I think they know that a sweet can be rich and healthy. That is what they seek. They know that you can eat rich without eating animals”, It indicates.

Napoli Ice Creams and Waffles, a gelateria that features traditional and vegan flavors.  (Photo: courtesy Napoli)

The Napoli co-founder remembers that when they started with vegan ice creams, they made alliances with vegetable drink brands, but this increased the cost. So they had to start producing their own almond milk. However, currently, they still have some alliances and inputs obtained directly from the same producers. “Our target audience is young people and they highly value knowing where the supplies come from, if they are made in an ecological way.”He comments.

According to Denisse, the ice cream flavors that her customers love are chocomaní. “People love this ice cream, it’s like eating sublime chocolate. It reminds me of my childhood. I feel that ice creams transport us to magical places. I remember the first thing I thought when my husband prepared it was my childhood”He adds.

Napoli is located at Av. Manuel Villaran 875, Surquillo.  (Photo: Napoli)

Another favorite flavor is Ocean blue, this ice cream has a beautiful blue / turquoise hue. Its key ingredient is blue spirulina, an algae to which many health benefits are attributed and which, when integrated in the precise amount, provides a beautiful color without the need to sour the product.

They also have the Spirulina Mint ice cream, made from green spirulina and mint. It is also vegan and is often in high demand.

More than 60% of the ice creams in Napoli are vegan.  (Photo: Napoli)

The dragon, is an ice cream that is seasonal, it is made from the pitahaya fruit or also called dragon fruit. “The good thing about Peru is that we have a lot of fruits, and that allows us to take advantage of the fruit seasons”He comments.

Other favorite ice creams include mango / passion fruit and hulk. The latter is a combination of pineapple, spinach, and lemon verbena. Yes, it has spinach, but even if you are not a fan of vegetables, it is still delicious for it.

Napoli has several vegan ice cream flavors and some are diabetic-friendly.  (Photo: Napoli)

The choice of sweeteners depends on different factors. They want the ice cream to have the best consistency. In some cases, they use regular sugar, in other brown sugar, also panela or stevia. The latter, they use it with ice creams that are suitable for diabetics. “The sweet is controlled. You will never feel like you are eating a kilo of sugar”Says Denisse Fry.

We try to reflect who we are in Napoli. I like to learn about what I eat. We take great care of our well-being, not only ours but also that of our environment. Have a good immune system and help the planet”He adds.

Napoli has included in its menu ice creams, desserts and also savory dishes, such as this vegan burger made of mushrooms.  (Photo: Patricia Castañeda)

After a while, they not only served ice cream and waffles in Napoli, but also some desserts and the inevitable coffee. Currently, they have launched a line of salty food, within this you will only find vegan and vegetarian options.

One of the diners’ favorite dishes is the vegan burger. It’s made from brown rice, a mixture of mushrooms, garlic, onion, and a few secrets. This burger comes with potatoes, vegan sauces, and vegan cheddar cheese. It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Brunch in Napoli is served every day.  (Photo: Patricia Castañeda)

They also have brunches that include waffles greeted with avocado and mushrooms, juices, coffees, and the on-trend matcha latte.

Napoli has included the very trendy matcha latte in its menu.  (Photo: Patricia Castañeda)

The children of Jesús and Denisse are also part of the project. Claudia, the eldest daughter, is the one who sees all the creative, design and diffusion of Napoli; while Alejandro, the eldest son, watches the finances. Everyone in the López Fry family has a homework assignment. The ice cream parlor works very well.

Claudia and Denisse have done all the decoration together. Every detail. Denisse believes that what they seek is to create an experience.

Warm and comfortable spaces in Napoli.  (Photo: Patricia Castañeda)

It is to create a space where they not only go to eat, but to stay for a few hours if they want to. The space is cozy, we have a garden, everything is quite airy and with many plants and phrases on the walls. Young people value that very much. Especially at a time like now, I think it is necessary to have a quiet place to be with family and friends”He comments.

Warm and comfortable spaces in Napoli.  (Photo: Patricia Castañeda)

As in all businesses in Lima, Napoli also suffered during the quarantine. Denisse remembers that they were able to reactivate it when the deliveries began. And when they were able to open the ice cream parlor again for table service, they had the great advantage of having an open garden and ventilated spaces on the second floor of their premises.

They changed modality. This time customers had to place their orders at the checkout and pay there. This would reduce the contact between diner and waiter. Something that the young people received very well, but that some adults had to understand. To make it easier to know what to order, the letter is posted on a large wall.

Napoli has its letter visible to make ordering easier.

The co-founder considers that social networks were a great channel to stay afloat. So was word of mouth advertising. Meeting Denisse is simple: if you visited Napoli once, you will want to return. The reasons are many. From its good customer service, the flavor and creativity of its products. All ideal for a perfect photo on Instagram.

Napoli has its own delivery. It reaches all of Lima. To order it must be done through WhatApp 934 464 647. They can also find it through Rappi.

Address: Av. Manuel Villarán 875, Surquillo.


  • Monday: 12:00 to 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday to Friday: 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Saturdays and Sundays: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.



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