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Coffee Busters, the cafeteria on an exclusive street in San Isidro that stands out for its inclusive proposal

The history

“Coffee Busters was born with the objective of bringing quality coffees to homes when we were all working from home and needed coffee to comply with our new normal”explains Oscar Medina, co-founder of the cafeteria.

Medina says that during the pandemic, many people wanted to learn more about specialty coffee and know how to make it at home. Over the months, this project changed until it became a cafeteria on one of the most important streets in San Isidro.

It was only in August 2022, when Coffee Busters opened its doors. “We work respecting the entire coffee value chain, traceability from the coffee grower,” he comments about the coffee they use in this space. At Coffee Busters they only sell Peruvian coffee and right there, they have a large roaster, they roast the beans according to the customer’s choice. We roast and prepare the coffee to transform it into this drink that has new fans of it every day.”, he adds.

inclusive cafeteria

Oscar Medina says that the idea of ​​an inclusive cafeteria ““It was born from wanting to create a space where bullying does not exist.” “And that it is a suitable environment for my children, especially for my 4-year-old son Giacomo, who has second-degree autism”he indicates.

In this coffee shop they look for people with special skills to work, they train them, they teach them about the world of coffee and once they go through this training process, they can stay to work or use that certificate to look for work in other coffee shops.

The Coffee Busters team.

We have an agreement with Conadis where we train young people from different Inabif homes, with special abilities or who may have some type of condition that limits them from leading a life on a regular basis,” he adds.

Medina explains that once they get to know them better, and spend their daily lives with them, they realize that they can perform various tasks, they can carry out their daily lives by following some specific instructions or being more patient, but that they manage to take care of themselves. themselves.

Currently, Kenyi from the MUNAY household is with us, and we are training more young people in the different areas of customer service, barista and pastry.”Add.

Kenyi is a very attentive young man and helps in production, assembling coffee bags and sometimes with customer service. According to the Coffee Busters team, he really enjoys his work.

The letter

In a comfortable environment, you can enjoy a good specialty coffee. Furthermore, on the days when they roast the coffee, the entire environment is invaded by an incredible and delicious aroma. The walls of this cafeteria are decorated with jute bags from the cooperatives or producers they work with. In addition, you can see the imposing roastery, where, according to what they say, they roast around a ton of coffee each month.

Chilcano coffee from Coffee Busters.  (Photo: Patricia Castañeda)

This cafeteria has Peruvian coffees from Pichanaki, Amazonas, Cusco and the house Blend that comes from Villa Rica. With these beans, which are brought green to be roasted in this space and thus maintain as much freshness as possible, they make drinks like their famous Cappuccino, which can be with regular, lactose-free or almond milk. You can also order a hot or cold latte with almond milk and sweetened with agave honey.

Other coffee drinks you can order are: Cortado harmony between espresso and textured milk, Flat White Cappuccino, Vienna Cappuccino, Chocolate Cappuccino and Caramel Cappuccino.

Coffee made with the V60 method from Coffee Busters.  (Photo: Patricia Castañeda)

Furthermore, for these days when the sun rises, its Chilcano is one of its great bets. Other drinks with alcohol and coffee that you will find are: Café del Monje Dark side of Negroni, Gin Coffee Tonic, Black Coffee & Oreo Stout


Source: Elcomercio

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