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These are the best Peruvian chefs, according to the Somos 2023 Awards

The first edition of the We Are Awards It not only recognized the best restaurants and bites, but also the talents behind Lima’s main kitchens. There were three categories created to highlight the work of the chefs and in this note we tell you who were chosen.

The Somos Awards were announced in March of this year and in July the winners were announced at a ceremony held at the MAC in Barranco.

Learn more details about the categories dedicated to chefs in this note.

In the Somos 2023 Awards, three categories were established for chefs. These were: Best Chef of the Year, Best Chef of the Year and Rising Star.

These are the featured chefs for each category.

Best Peruvian cooks:

  • Francesca Ferreyros (Baan)
  • Mayra Flores (Shizen)
  • Arlette Eulert (Matria)
  • Pía León (Kjolle)
  • Monica Huerta (La Nueva Palomino)

The winner of this category was: Pía León.

“In 2021 she was chosen the best chef in the world by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. This 2023, her culinary bet with her personal seal, Kjolle, entered strongly into the same international list, climbing to 28th place. She is the Peruvian chef with the greatest international recognition and projection, a title that makes us proud and that she has earned with great effort and effort. breaking many barriers. From the second floor of Casa Túpac in Barranco, León serves a unique menu at her own restaurant, Kjolle. Following the common thread of the house, her menu combines climates, heights, colors and textures. The product shines, supported by an unmatched technique.

Best Peruvian chef:

  • Rodrigo Alzamora (Rafael)
  • Juan Luis Martínez (Merit)
  • Mitsuharu Tsumura (Maido)
  • Virgilio Martínez (Central)
  • Jaime Pesaque (Mayta)

The winner of this category was: Virgilio Martínez

“His name is synonymous with success and vision. Virgilio Martínez consecrated his gastronomic proposal when this year Central became the best restaurant in the world according to the World’s 50 Best list. Martínez trained in different cuisines abroad until he returned to Peru in 2008 with the dream of opening a space with identity and culinary avant-garde. A place that, step by step, was also transformed into a research and creativity laboratory, and that today links different disciplines to offer an experience like no other space in the region. Since 2018, the Central project has been located in Barranco, where Mater Initiative and Kjolle, commanded by Pía León, are also located.”

Rising star:

These are the new talents of Peruvian cuisine, highlighted by the Somos 2023 Awards list:

  • Renzo Miñán (Warehouse)
  • Jason Roman (Awicha)
  • Ángelo Aguado (Contrast)
  • Gabriela León (Lady Bee)
  • Richard Venegas (Lila Dasso)

The winner in this category was: Gabriela León from Lady Bee

“Peruvian ingredients and their infinite possibilities in cuisine and cocktails are the highlights that make the Lady Bee bar and restaurant, by Gabriela León and Alonso Palomino, an extremely special and iconic space. Gabriela has been chosen as a rising star by our readers, and she has no shortage of reasons. She shines a menu that is always different and is fueled by her travels, research and seasonal products. Every bite and every pairing at Lady Bee is a very special experience. From here, they are committed to sustainable cuisine, where the surprise factor is guaranteed.”

Source: Elcomercio

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