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The focaccias: all about the Italian craving that already conquers Lima and competes with pizza

The focaccias: all about the Italian craving that already conquers Lima and competes with pizza

The focaccias: all about the Italian craving that already conquers Lima and competes with pizza

Focaccia is perhaps one of the most versatile recipes in Italian cuisine. And I must affirm that in Peru it is not as well known as I would like. For a few years in my house we stopped buying pizzas because my mother was very interested in making them from scratch and she also learned the art of preparing foccacia. I even began to experiment preparing it, but the vast majority asked myself: what is that? That is why I was surprised when I learned that there is an enterprise that specializes in preparing them. Advantage visited the Focacceria di Wanda and this was our experience.

We arrived early to The Square, a gastronomic square where different styles of cuisine converge, located in the San Isidro district. They offer makis, pizzas and hamburgers, among other things. The space is wide, taking into account the biosafety protocols due to the pandemic, comfortable and cozy. A plus that probably pleases more than one is that they are ‘petfriendly’, that is, they allow the entry of pets. It is an ideal place to eat something, because it can be adapted to the tastes of all diners.

We met Wanda Gimenez and Derek Hall, creators of this venture, and they told us that the idea of ​​creating a brand based on focaccias They had it for a long time. Wanda’s grandmother, who is Italian, has a recipe for making this Italian bread and it was always a part of family lunches and celebrations. It was during the pandemic that both decided to bet on this idea, since before they held social events and were affected by the quarantine. Thus, they began to prepare it and created tasty combinations to fill them, as if they were a sánguche.

The place is located in La Plazuela, a place that brings together various restaurants in San Isidro.  (PHOTOS: ALESSANDRO CURRARINO / EL COMERCIO)

“We know that there are very good restaurants that include it in their menu, but it is one more preparation. We wanted her to be the protagonist and show her versatility. Little by little we try to put it as an interesting option on the Peruvian menu ”, says Hall.

Flavors Festival

Before, it is necessary to explain what focaccia. It is, in short, a type of italian bread topped with rosemary, salt and oil. Its main characteristic is that when preparing it, the dough is allowed to rise on more than one occasion, generating characteristic bubbles in the dough. It’s the perfect combination: crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

An appetizing approach to the focaccia plate, with which they prepare the sandwiches.  (PHOTOS: ALESSANDRO CURRARINO / EL COMERCIO)

“It’s all about the dough, to which you fold to introduce air and it is a long process that needs a lot of care, it is a very artisan process,” says Derek, who is the duo’s chef. Thus, they form sheets of 40 by 60 centimeters, which they cut and use to form the sandwiches.

Over the fillers They comment that from the beginning they bet on using Italian products and flavors. For this reason, they were creating different cheese creams (such as stracciatella or gorgonzola), a delicious pistachio butter and they make use of imported charcuterie. There we find the milano, a combination of salami, pistachio cream, gorgonzola and truffle honey. Over time, and thanks to Derek’s passion, they created more international options, such as the reuben or the katz, some limited versions that are prepared with corned beef, a type of cured meat that is very delicious and little known in the country.

Derek made the milano, a very Italian version with salami, pistachio butter, gorgonzola, and truffle honey.  (PHOTOS: ALESSANDRO CURRARINO / EL COMERCIO)

But, calm down, if you are more classic They also offer versions such as a chicken stuffed focaccia or a mixed, with jam and cheese. They also offer vegetarian versions, such as caprese with vegan pesto, mozzarella, tomato and oregano dressing. And, for diners vegan, they have the avocado humus, a delicious combination of tomato, avocado and hummus that combines perfectly with bread.

If you are one of those who wants to choose your own combination, you can also do it, selecting the vegetables, sauces, cheeses and charcuterie that you would like to include. The final trick, they reveal, is that they toast the sandwiches one last time, to give it that crunchy characteristic that anyone loves.

Derek and Wanda welcomed us at the San Isidro store.  (PHOTOS: ALESSANDRO CURRARINO / EL COMERCIO)

Other delicacies on the menu

Wanda tells us that they also offer fugazzas, which is the same bread base topped with onions, tomatoes, and some other vegetables. “We also have The market, where we offer the products that we use for our preparations, such as to build your own snack table with quality products ”, comments the creator.

Continuing with the menu, you can taste cocktails such as aperol spritz or negroni, prepared with Aperol and Campari respectively, two very characteristic liqueurs of Italian cocktails. If you are more classic you can accompany the meal with a café or some soda. As if that were not enough, and to finish the feast well, they offer two homemade desserts delicious: tiramisu and cheesecake. “This last dessert is incredible not only for its flavor, but because it lends itself to being combined with various flavors. We serve it with truffle and hazelnut honey, or it can also be served with hazelnut cream with chocolate ”, explains Wanda.


If you are a fan of strong sandwiches such as the well-known sandwich club, be sure to try this option. Perfect for a lunch, for a lunch or for a dinner, the versatile, forceful and tasty will conquer you without a doubt.


  • ffff Advantage and Wanda’s focacceria they will carry out a raffle this Friday the 10th of a lunch for two. Just go to Provecho’s Instagram (@provechope) and follow the prompts.
  • The Wanda’s focacceria It is open from Monday to Sunday, from noon to 10 pm in living room, and via delivery They are open from 9 am For this second option, you can find them via Rappi or contact them through WhatsApp 987866233. Learn more about their dishes on the Instagram account @focacceriadiwanda.
  • Their premises are located in La Plazuela, the gastronomic square of San Isidro (Avenida Dos de Mayo 434) and they open from noon. If you are interested in knowing which restaurants you can find, visit their Instagram account @laplazuelaperu.


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