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Tips for a safe blended school attendance

Tips for a safe blended school attendance

After more than a year and a half away from the classroom, some colleges, complying with strict security protocols due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, they opened their doors to perform blended classes during the month of September.

This was due to the advanced vaccination process against Covid-19 and due to the low level of infections registered in the capital. In view of the fact that gradually more educational centers will join this modality, Natasha Malachowski, director of Altair school, who also returned to classes, shares in detail the following mandatory measures to take into account for a safe return to blended classes and that he watches for the well-being and health of students:

  1. Temperature control: Compulsory temperature taking of all students, and staff in general, before entering the educational center.
  2. Hand washing and / or disinfection: Once the student has passed the temperature control, they should wash their hands with soap and water and / or disinfect themselves, using alcohol gel.
  3. Maintain social distance: The spaces occupied by the students must respect the two (2) meters of distance between each one of them.
  4. Mandatory use of masks: During all their time in the school, in the classroom and also in open environments, all students must use the mask. In the case of teachers, the use is of a double mask.
  5. Presentation of affidavit: Each student must submit a mandatory health affidavit each week.
  6. Reduced capacity: In the case of Altair school, whose beginning of classes took place on September 23 at the initial level, the classrooms have a capacity of 6 to 10 students, particularly at the initial level the capacity is between 6 and 7 students.
  7. Alternating Groups: In the case of the Altair school, and of other institutions, it works through alternation; that is, the students are assigned to a group, they attend according to the days and time considered for their group and in this way the capacity is guaranteed.

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