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Carne y Fuego: everything you need to know about the barbecue festival

Carne y Fuego: everything you need to know about the barbecue festival

The power and versatility of embers will be celebrated on Saturday, November 4 in the third edition of Carne y Fuego, one of the bets of the well-known production company Filo. In this grill celebration, 21 restaurants will conquer the palates of attendees with delicious preparations. Find out everything you need to know about this event here.

At this party we can find restaurants such as Osso, Costumbres Argentinas, Doomo Saltado, Baco y Vaca, El Jefe and La Cabrera, among other proposals for all tastes. They will be in charge of preparing appetizing and succulent bites with the best American and Argentine meats. In addition, they will have sausages, pork and chicken, seafood and a wide variety of cocktails, liquors and desserts.

The experience will be complemented with music shows, performed by bands such as We The Lion, Amen, Dan Dan Dero and Andrea Martínez, among others.

In addition, for the first time, they will have ‘Filo Kids’, an area designed so that the little ones in the house can have fun with activities designed for them. There will be no shortage of live dynamics and contests throughout the entire celebration.

Another novelty for the third edition is that, for the first time in Peru, the World Barbecue Association (WBQA) World Grill Tournament will be held, a group that organizes the most internationally recognized grill competitions. On this occasion, the contest will be held with the help of the Peruvian Federation of Fires and Grills.

“Peru is known for its rich culinary tradition and passion for grilling, so we couldn’t be more excited to host this great event. It will be an exceptional opportunity for the best grillers to share their skills and unique flavors through a gastronomic and cultural experience for the whole family and friends,” highlights Nachi Benza, director and creator of Filo.


Flesh and Fire It will take place on Saturday, November 4, from noon, at Lima Polo Club (Av. Lima Polo 380, Surco).

Tickets are on sale in Joinnus for S/40. On the day of the event, tickets can be purchased at the door for S/60.

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