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Sweet Freeze: the story of a family business specializing in raspadillas and waffles

Sweet Freeze: the story of a family business specializing in raspadillas and waffles

This family business started in Piura, where they only sold raspadillas. However, due to the El Niño phenomenon, they had to travel to Lima in 2017 to start from scratch. Here, they were at fairs, kermesses and events, they were doing well until the pandemic started and they had to reinvent themselves, offering other products in addition to their raspadillas.

In 2022, when they wanted to finally open a store to stop being a dark kitchen, Carol fell ill. She comments that creating this space has been a very big challenge. ““We didn’t see it as impossible but we didn’t know it would happen so quickly,” He says while remembering that just before starting to implement the business he was in bed for several months.

Despite being in bed, I was with my notebook dreaming about what the place would be like, seeing references and creating recipes.”, he comments. For his part, Marco indicates that they were hard months where he felt that he could not do it alone. They went to several doctors and couldn’t find a diagnosis as to why he couldn’t move.

Both explain that they “searched for God” and “came to know” Him. “We went to a Christian church, we thank God for all of this (the business). We take it by our faith.”Add.

When it seemed that everything was going well, they once again faced a challenge: the money they would use to continue implementing the store did not arrive. However, as the phrase “God squeezes but does not choke” says, a friend from their church lent them the money and they managed to finish their long-dreamed-of space, where Carol, Marco and son cook and serve their guests.

Every day, Marco Mendoza and Carol Zapata, husband and wife and founders of Sweet Freeze, carefully select the freshest and juiciest fruits to create their delicious raspadillas. They share with Provecho that it is necessary to have good raw materials for them to turn out well.

“The fruit cannot be too ripe so the raspadillas will come out well and highlight their flavors”explains Carol, who is the heart of this project.

“Every season we change the flavors. They are completely handmade. We currently have more than 15 flavors. We do not use colorants or preservatives”adds Carol.

You can order large raspadillas for 8 soles or medium ones for 5 soles. You can combine flavors or order just one flavor. We recommend classic flavors such as strawberry, mango, red fruits; but since it is fruit, you will notice the difference.

From perfect strawberries to juicy mangoes, each flavor transports customers to the very essence of the fruit. In addition, they have exotic fruit raspadillas such as sanky, red fruits, among others.

Marco and Carol are committed to providing quality products to their guests and that makes them stand out from the rest, since their raspadillas do not contain coloring or flavorings, they are made the same day with pure fruit.

Other flavors they have experimented with and are diners’ favorites are: watermelon. peanuts, red fruit cheesecake, rice with mango, quinoa, frozen cheese, lemon pie and pitted with pisco.

Marco says that during the pandemic, when everything was by delivery, they decided to add other sweet and savory dishes to their menu, without leaving aside the raspadillas, but covering the needs of their diners, who wanted to eat new and sweet things. So they decided to try waffles, crepes, milkshakes, frappes, among others.

Carol comments that although they take great care of the flavor of everything, they are very detailed with the presentation of the products and dishes. It is enough to see all the dishes to realize the dedication or vocation for service of this couple who wants their clients to have a nice gastronomic experience.

The space is well decorated with pink tones, which make it very “instagrammable”. The place has been thought out in detail and with a lot of work it was decorated. So the next time you want a refreshing escape in a beautiful place, you now have a new scratching point in Surco. Advantage.


  • Address: Jr. Diana Mz D, Santiago de Surco
  • Telephone: 945 141 983
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday from 3:00 pm to 10:30 pm

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