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Av. Primavera: 5 delicious proposals that you can find (and their yapa)

Av. Primavera: 5 delicious proposals that you can find (and their yapa)

We continue exploring the streets of Lima that are getting tastier and tastier. This time, we walked along Primavera Avenue crossing the districts of San Borja and Surco. We found? Restaurants that pay tribute to the three regions of Peru, charming cafes, temples of Asian food, spaces focused on meats, desserts and more. This time, we only selected five of them for our tour. In addition, we suggest you visit the parallel and side streets where you will find more than one surprise.


A new neighbor that arrived in the neighborhood this 2024. The pastry shop, with French and Japanese influence, is expanding and is ready to conquer the palates of the sweetest lovers. There is no one who can resist its dessert display where we find green tea tiramisu, choco domme (with 62% Peruvian cocoa), blueberry opera, frambo macaron, among many others. It is difficult to choose just one, we better return again and again until we try them all.

Address: Av. Primavera 1467, Surco.


In just a few years, this restaurant became known as a paradise for Chinese snacks (or dim sum). The Chinese recipe was adapted to the Peruvian palate. Among these (divided into steamed, fried and roasted), the star is the siu long pao, stuffed with pork meat and hiding a comforting broth inside. To share, you can order the chin chon fan (reminiscent of a cannelloni made with artisanal rice dough) filled with various ingredients (prawns, vegetarian, meat, etc.). Among the dishes there are seven types of chaufa, classics (ti pa kay or roast pig with tamarind) and specialties (kam lu wanta, prawns with almonds, etc.). The visit cannot end without a min pao in the shape of a little animal (which made chifa popular) such as the hedgehog (stuffed with lucuma), the panda (with peanut chocolate) or the sheep (with strawberry).

Address: Av. Primavera 311, San Borja.


We know it for its specialty in high-quality American meats; but, in recent years, the concept has expanded. When exploring the menu you will find more options for starters (such as salmon and entrail nigiris), Italian-influenced dishes (such as rigatoni with prawns or razor clam and entrail risotto) and with marine ingredients (surf and turf and salted tuna). Delights for any time of the year. Of course, the cuts remain the protagonists (T-bone, tomahawk, angus strip roast, etc.). Nothing better than enjoying the large terrace, negroni in hand, which has become the restaurant’s hallmark.

Address: Av. Primavera 1053, San Borja.


Few spaces venture to represent the customs of Peruvian cuisine in the magnitude of its three regions; This restaurant does it and successfully. In their menu, they seek an integration of dishes from the coast, mountains and jungle to transport the diner through the flavors. Among the most popular in each area are the lomo saltado, the patatasca and the juane. The menu is divided by region, offering both main dishes and signature cocktails. For example, there is northern-style goat, cuy chactado and tacacho with cured meat to be accompanied, respectively, with cocktails such as ‘Lima, la Gris’ (based on matacuy liquor, whiskey, grapefruit, Creole lemon, pineapple syrup and lime ), ‘La Peruanita’ (with pisco, wine, Andean citrus fruits and chicha morada) and ‘Amazonas’ (Amazonian gin, macerated camu camu with pineapple, with charapita chili and rosemary). There is also room for mergers such as the anti-cuchera cause.

Address: Av. Primavera 1462, Surco.


If you are a lover of Korean food or if you want to try it after watching so many kdramas, this is the place for you. This is a traditional kitchen space, without fusions. An advantage is that it has several dishes to share; So, everyone can try a little. The main features of the menu are fermented foods (kimchi is king) and boiled meat. Pay attention to sides with potatoes, sweet potatoes, salads, pickles, and more.

Address: Av. Primavera 609, San Borja.



This instagrammable cafe invites us to escape from the routine enjoying a good coffee. “The experience we want to provide to the customer is through coffee, in each bean. And, above all, being able to teach a little more about it,” says Valeria Serrano, founder of the establishment.

For the espresso bar drinks, they use a blend of caturra, pache and catimor from San Ignacio (Cajamarca). While for cold brew they only work with caturra grains. While you are working on your work or sitting down to read, order an unmissable combination: cappuccino with avocado toast and chicken. Or if you’re looking for something sweet, try the crescents.

Address: Jr. Pomalca 118, Surco.

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