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Somos Awards 2024: find out how the second edition of this gastronomic festival was celebrated

Somos Awards 2024: find out how the second edition of this gastronomic festival was celebrated

Somos Awards 2024: find out how the second edition of this gastronomic festival was celebrated

Whether it is the importance of cebiche -our signature dish-, the creativity of chefs or the international recognition of local restaurants, there are plenty of reasons to be proud of our gastronomy. Precisely, in the second edition of the Somos Awards The best of national cuisine was celebrated and the ceremony was attended by important figures such as chefs, bartenders, businessmen and more.

The event took place at the Pedro de Osma Museum, where guests enjoyed live music, food and drinks prepared on the spot. At the ceremony, it was announced that more than 51,000 people voted for the winners in the 42 categories in this edition.

In the first group of categories, awards were given to proposals such as María Almenara, as best pastry shop; Maido, which was named Best Nikkei restaurant; El Rey de las Papas as best huarique and Big Boy as best hamburger restaurant. This restaurant also received the most votes in the second edition of the Somos Awards. A new category included is that of best cooking school or faculty, a recognition that was awarded to the Le Cordon Bleu Peru Institute.

The chef duo behind Central, Mil and Mater Iniciativa, Pía León and Virgilio Martínez, were celebrated as Best Female Chef and Best Male Chef, respectively. In a video projected, Martínez said that he feels “very privileged and happy for all the people who have voted for me (…). It is obviously an award for the collective, for those of us who are here at Central, Mater, Mil.”

In addition, Central was crowned best signature cuisine restaurant. “We do what we are passionate about. I think we do the best we can, so we are very happy and excited about this recognition,” said León, who attended the event in Barranco.

César Choy and Mitsuharu Tsumura, from Maido, receiving the award for Best Nikkei Restaurant.

The jury chooses

Unlike the aforementioned categories, whose winners are chosen by online votes, there are five categories at the discretion of a jury. The best chocolate cake in Peru is from the Olivia & Coque brand; the Bar Inglés at the Country Club Lima Hotel received the award for the best pisco sour, and the best lomo saltado chosen by the jury is from Doomo Saltado.

Malena Martinez and Pia Leon, from Mater Initiative.

The contribution of the year is an award that celebrates the positive impact of national projects. In this second edition, Mater Iniciativa was chosen to receive the distinction and Malena Martínez, part of the project team, received the trophy. “It is difficult to put this into words, because Mater was created as an interdisciplinary research center that would make chefs get out of the kitchen environment and I think that after 7 years we have achieved the unthinkable, which is to do much more than just gastronomy,” said the doctor by profession.

The evening ended with the Bernardo Roca Rey award for his career, given to chef Rafael Osterling. “Rafael is a great friend, an excellent cook, with a very creative mind and always elegant in everything he does,” said Astrid Gutsche, winner of the same award in the first edition, who presented the trophy.

Without a doubt, it was a night of celebration, encounter and mutual admiration where Peruvian gastronomy, in all its forms, shone completely.

Rafael Osterling received the lifetime achievement award, presented by Astrid Gutsche, last year's winner in the same category.

This was the complete list of winners of the night:

1. Best Creole food restaurant: Panchita

2. Best chifa: Marmoset

3. Best seafood restaurant: The sea

4. Best Italian food restaurant: Pasta

5. Best Nikkei restaurant: Maido

6. Best steakhouse: The Ovenbird

7. Best chicken shop: Pardos Chicken

8. Best fusion restaurant: Cosme

9. Best international food restaurant: The glory

10. Best sandwiches: The struggle

11. Best tavern: Old Queirolo Tavern

12. Best bar: Maria Mezcal

13. Best new restaurant: Tambo House

14. Best signature cuisine in Peru: Central

15. Best bakery: The chola’s bread

16. Best pastry: Maria Almenara

17. Best cafe and restaurant: The Bonbonniere

18. Best specialty coffee: Coffee Point

19. Best ice cream shop: Laritza D’

20. Best pizzeria: Flashlight

21. Best burger proposal: Big Boy (Most voted of the entire edition)

22. Best ceviche bar: Fishing Terminal

23. Best huarique: The King of Potatoes (Magdalena Market)

24. Best healthy food space: The Fit Fridge

25. Best hotel restaurant in Lima: Maras (The Westin Lima Hotel)

26. Best Country Style Restaurant: The Blue Farm of Santa Clara

27. Best crash or meal of 24 hours: Seven Soups

28. Best digital food content creator:

29. Best cooking school or college: Le Cordon Bleu Institute Peru

30. Best Female Chef: Pia Leon

31. Best Male Chef: Virgil Martinez

32. Best northern food restaurant in Lima: Chiclayo Gourmet Festival

33. Best Andean food restaurant in Lima: The Rocoto

34. Best Amazonian food restaurant in Lima: The Aguajal

35. Best restaurant in Cusco: Chicha by Gaston Acurio

36. Best restaurant in Lambayeque: Chiclayo Gourmet Festival

37. Best restaurant in Arequipa: Indigo

38. Best restaurant in Ica: The Intipalka (Vinas Queirolo Hotel)

39. Best Peruvian restaurant in Spain: Callao 24 (Madrid)

40. Best Peruvian restaurant in Argentina: The Sea Buenos Aires

41. Best Peruvian restaurant in Chile: The Sea Santiago

42. Best Peruvian Restaurant in the United States: The Sea Miami

Special prizes:

  • Best Chocolate Cake: Olivia & Coque
  • Best Pisco Sour: English Bar at the Country Club Lima Hotel
  • Best Lomo Saltado: Doomo Skipped
  • Contribution of the year: Mother Initiative
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Rafael Osterling

Source: Elcomercio

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