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Awicha opens a new location: the tasty proposal arrives in San Isidro

Awicha opens a new location: the tasty proposal arrives in San Isidro

Awicha opens a new location: the tasty proposal arrives in San Isidro

Since opening the doors of the beautiful Barranco location, Awicha quickly established itself as a must-visit bistro. With a well-thought-out menu, fresh and seasonal ingredients, and the use of recipes from diverse origins, Chef Jason managed to captivate diners.

“After a few years of searching for a new space, to be able to serve more people, we arrived here (San Isidro). Arriving in Santa Luisa has been crazy, because we didn’t know the market. We had concentrated on developing in Barranco, but it has been quite nice to see people passing by here and being recognized,” says Román.

What do you want to offer the public? “Honest, delicious food that is not too complex and that is seasonal. Now, in winter, we are looking to offer something that is comforting and warmer, working with local products, without being tied to any type of dishes or menu, we want to maintain the free spirit,” admits the musician.

The idea behind this new space is to bring a little bit of Barranco to this district, which is why they have used a warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as a curious and colorful mural that reminds them of Jr. Domeyer, the street where their first location is located. In addition, this large space not only allows them to receive almost three times as many diners, but also extends the hours for reservations.

“Our idea is to be able to keep the two restaurants working in parallel, with the same menu and without changing prices,” explains Jason. But that doesn’t stop them from making the best use of the space and they are currently testing new recipes and ingredients. “We even want to see the possibility of a tasting menu, where they can enjoy the Awicha experience, what we have to offer,” adds Sophie confidently.

Our feast

It would be unfair to describe Awicha’s menu without going into details that will entice the reader even more, so we will focus on five dishes – the ones we tried. This was an excellent tour of what the creativity of Chef Jason and his team offers.

We start with juicy and vibrant cherry tomatoes served on a bed of garlicky ricotta cheese. The trick? Unexpected but appreciated bits of red fruits like strawberry and also aguaymanto. The juices and flavors combine and balance with the softness of the cheese. A perfect combination to start with.

Continuing the journey, we continue with a delicious Galician-style octopus, but with the local touch that characterizes the menu of this restaurant. On a bed of steamed Andean potatoes, the finely cut octopus is served with olive oil and the characteristic sauce. In this case, a combination of 12 chillies from the coast, mountains and jungle of Peru is used. With a powerful flavour, it goes perfectly with one of the wines offered at the restaurant.

The new cuisine allows them to create new delicacies and one of them is homemade pasta. In this case, they present cavatelli, a kind of gnocchi with a different shape, prepared with loche squash. The sauce is a curious pesto, with Andean herbs such as muña, chincho and huacatay. The flavor is striking, without being harsh, and the softness and almost sweetness of the pasta combines perfectly. The crunchy touch is given by the duck, whose meat is cut and cooked on a griddle, just like a smash burgerto achieve that tasty crust.

Rice with squid is another perfect delight for the season. Grilled squid is accompanied by a creamy black rice made with squid ink. The flavor is subtle, but it shines through when accompanied by a fresh, tangy chalaquita.

Finally, the family recipe makes an appearance in the huachana style carapulcra. Unlike the traditional one, it is not usually served with dry soup and chocolate is not used in its preparation. It is combined with pork belly cooked in a Chinese style, so that it is soft, and is accompanied with Creole sauce. “It is the version I grew up with,” Jason tells us when explaining why he likes it.

In its second location, Awicha It continues to be a refreshing stop to enjoy tasty food that embraces you and allows you to connect with local and international cuisine, as well as with the seasonal pantry and traditional flavors.


Awicha has a second location in San Isidro (Calle Santa Luisa 240). For reservations, you can contact +51 974 956 646. Visit your Web page or Instagram profile ( to learn more about their proposal.

Source: Elcomercio

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