From purple corn to black quinoa: the endless flavors of the Artisan Panettone Festival


The idea of ​​pairing a delicious panetón with chocolate cup should be one of the most recurring at this time. But it would be much better if you enjoy an artisan panettone with cocoa chocolate from our lands. The Panettone and Chocolate Festival organized by Ecoferias has brought together Peruvian producers who with ingenuity and imagination have prepared the most original flavors for this Christmas.

From this December 8 to December 12, from 11 am to 9 pm, you will find panettones made with different types of flour such as whole wheat, purple corn, sweet potato, cocoa and quinoa. Also, they have added nuts, dried fruits and cocoa nibs. For health care, this festival will offer whole, keto or gluten-free panettone.

Keto and integrale Panettones

Deligis will present two different types of panettone, keto and wholemeal: “We make gluten-free (keto) panettone with sweet potato flour, without sugar, dehydrated aguaymanto, pecans and rolled almonds, and we sweeten only with coconut sugar and coconut oil. ”, Says Karlys Cham, representative of the brand. The keto panettone is egg and milk free. On the other hand, Deligis whole wheat panettone contains: “Whole wheat flour, we don’t mix it with wheat flour, it has dehydrated blueberries, pecans and sliced ​​almonds. It is also sweetened with coconut milk and coconut sugar ”.

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Panetón sin fluten e integral de Deligis.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino / GEC)

Purple corn and black quinoa

Full Life Corporation represents three brands that will offer a wide variety of panettone options for the holidays. These are Misky Tanta, Bio Sunqu Peru and Biopan: “Biopan’s line is wholemeal panettone made from wholemeal flour with stevia and nuts with chestnuts,” says Aracely Franco from Full Lufe. On the Misky Tanta side, their panettones come in four flavors: purple corn, chocolate, whole wheat, and with stevia. “They are all made from whole wheat flour, but high in fiber and nuts,” adds Franco. Finally, Bio Sunqu’s special line is vegan. They have panettones based on artisanal black quinoa fortified with chestnuts, figs, suitable for people with a strict diet or athletes and people with celiac disease. These four varieties can be found in their different presentations at the fair.

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An interesting and rich panettone made with purple corn flour.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino / GEC)

Seeds, chia and sunflower

The Keyloot pastry shop is a family business. Paty Loo Tello, is the daughter of the founder, and tells us what she will take to the Panetones and Chocolates Festival: “We are presenting traditional, whole-grain panettone with seeds and grains such as linseed, chia, sunflower, low in fat and sugar, with pecans. and you pass. Also, we have a whole grain panettone with all the seeds and grains, but with stevia. The last one is the chocotón, with chocolate ganache, orange strawberry and chocolate chips ”.


Keyloot will offer traditional, whole-grain panettones with seeds and grains such as flaxseed, chia, sunflower, low in fat and sugar, with pecans and raisins.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino / GEC)

Three types of sourdough panettone

Aguyubá will present three types of homemade sourdough panettone. These are the classic is with raisins marinated in pisco, candied fruits and an unmistakable orange aroma. Quinoa with 30% quinoa flour, quinoa flakes, bran, blueberries, figs, apricots and toasted pecans. And the chocolate with cocoa powder in the whole mass, pieces of 70% cocoa chocolate (it comes from Pangoa) and a touch of white chocolate.

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Aguyubá brand panettone made with sourdough.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino / GEC)

Cocoa of the Convention, Cusco

Henry Guevara, commercial representative of Agroindustrias Puma Real in Lima, tells us about the chocolates that will be presented at the festival, both for eating and for cups: “We are dedicated to the cultivation and production of 70, 85 and 90% chocolate and pure pasta of chuncho type cocoa. There are 13 flavors with added fruit and three sizes of pure cocoa paste. They will be able to taste any flavor, from the mildest to the most bitter ”.

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Pumatiy is one of the Peruvian chocolate brands present at the festival.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino / GEC)

Ucayali chocolate for all ages

Awki Chocolates comes from the Ucayali region with its 100% pure cocoa paste. Alonso Guanilo, their representative, tells us that they produce “fine aroma Creole cocoa beans. Our cup chocolate has been awarded a gold medal at the Cocoa and Chocolate Show in 2019, with that chocolate a spectacular Christmas chocolate is prepared ”. Also, he tells us, they will offer chocolate at the festival to eat with a high percentage of cocoa at 70 and 85%, as well as pure. “For chocolatiers who are just starting to eat high-percentage chocolate, we have varieties encrusted with blueberries, aguaymanto, dehydrated mango, and we have also launched a line with dried fruits, walnuts, almonds and pecans.” With children in mind, Awki Chocolates will present a line for boys and girls with 48% cocoa, a flavor that has enchanted the little ones.

Facebook: Awki Ekacao

In addition, from these two companies representing Peruvian cocoa, there will also be the variety of cocoa and chocolate from Wayra Cacao, from Huánuco, Tingo María.

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Wayra Cacao comes from Huánuco, Tingo María.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino / GEC)



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