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Don Vito: the secret of the traditional trattoria to delight palates for more than 40 years

40 years ago, Javier Hundskopf and his wife Alice Went decided to take over a pizzeria which, a short time later, became what is now the Trattoria Don Vito. The idea was to perfectly combine the culinary experience with classical music, the couple’s favorite genre. Although they are not Italians or their descendants, they have always tried to follow the traditional recipes of this southern European country to the letter, but with small modifications to the taste of the Peruvian palate. Currently, Javier and Miguel Hundskopf, children of the enthusiastic couple, are the ones who run the business that grew together with them and whom they affectionately call “the reliable friend who is always by your side”.

In these four decades, Don Vito has positioned himself as one of the favorite trattoria of entire families, who pass from generation to generation the tradition of attending this restaurant to share special moments. It is perhaps the cozy atmosphere that makes your customers return again and again, many of them no longer even look at the menu and order the same old thing.

On many occasions, diners also ask to be served by the same person, one of them is Senén Villalobos, current manager of the premises, king of flamed desserts and oldest worker in the trattoria. He already worked there when it was a pizzeria. “You could say that the trattoria turned 40, but he turned 41. There are clients who don’t want anyone else to attend to them”laugh the Hundskopf brothers.

What is the secret? “We don’t usually follow trends. We focus more on what our public is asking for. Many times following trends has not worked for us. Don Vito has never wanted to win the award for the best cuisine in Lima. We have never wanted to win the award for being the most gourmets of all. What we want is that the experience of coming is pleasant, that you eat very well, that they take care of you very well and that you are in a beautiful environment. That is the Don Vito experience “, says Miguel Hundskopf to Provecho de El Comercio.

The brothers Javier and Miguel Hundskopf point out that they have sought over the last 40 years to innovate enough, without exaggerating.  They are not a purely Italian restaurant and they are not a purely fusion restaurant, but they have found a balance.  (Photo: Renzo Salazar / GEC)

The classics

Don Vito’s menu has a rather nice characteristic: it has dishes that have been there for 20 years. The pasta is prepared respecting the traditional Italian recipe of special wheat flour and fresh eggs. The menu also includes recipes with long cooking in the oven, antipasti, among other delicacies, some prepared in front of the diners.

“Everything that happens in Don Vito is a lot of years old. Everything is divided into segments, for example, we have pasta with meats (Carni & griglia), pasta with sauce (Pasta & pasta) and pasta with seafood (Pasta & mare). My recommendation is the Fetuccini Fruti di Mare, which has been on the menu for many years. It is one of the oldest dishes on the menu. Another dish that we have on the menu is ravioli stuffed with crab, they have a sauce with crab nails. They really are a great goal “, Javier comments.

Pasta poker, another classic from Trattoria Don Vito.  (Photo: courtesy)

“I recommend the cannelloni stuffed with lamb with black beer. They are incredible. They come with a capita of salsa a la huancaína “, says Miguel, for his part.

Other dishes recommended by the Hundskopf brothers are the Spaghettis di Oca Affumicato, the Asado de tira and the pizzas.

In addition, they have flambé desserts in the sua presenza. The Caesar Salad is also prepared in the presence of the diner. The menu also offers cocktails, wines, beers and own liqueurs as appetizers or digestives.

(Photo: courtesy)

For its 40 years they presented a special menu, which included dishes such as Spaghetti alla Calabrese will be served with mussels and ground bread and finally, Spaghetti Nero di Sepia, that classic in which the pasta is dyed and sautéed with squid ink .

Spaghetti alla Calabrese.  (Photo: Renzo Salazar / GEC)
Spaghetti Nero di Sepia.  (Photo: Renzo Salazar / GEC)

The pandemic prompted Don Vito to find new horizons in delivery channels. “Above all thanks to the loyalty of our most assiduous customers who also consumed in the most difficult moments”, conclude the Hundskopf brothers.

Chamber music

The hall is decorated by various collections of musical instruments and paintings. “Each instrument has a moment, the trombone was bought at a certain moment and that is how the other instruments have been arriving little by little. The same happened with the paintings. This restaurant has been building and has been building as if it were a house, to which you add and remove things according to the needs you have “, assure those responsible for the Italian food restaurant.

Chamber music is part of the identity of this trattoria, through which Peruvian chamber musicians have passed during these four decades. They have a wide selection of themes to accompany their tables. In September, October and November, the chamber music concerts returned to their living room and they plan to organize more for 2022. The events will be announced on site and on social media.

More information

Direction: Calle Martín Dulanto 111 (in front of Parque Reducto), Miraflores.

Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 12 to 23 hours.

Telephone: 445 8156

WhatsApp: 983 533103


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