OpinionThe guide you must read to visit restaurants safely...

The guide you must read to visit restaurants safely during the pandemic


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When Provecho was created, many questions arose regarding how we were going to carry out coverage due to the pandemic. Many restaurants had closed their doors, others were reinventing themselves and new spaces emerged such as dark kitchens or via delivery. But, without a doubt, one of the biggest questions was: How to return to restaurants safely? And, let’s face it, visiting restaurants and bars is now a privilege and we must weigh some things before venturing into one. Thinking about this and in the current context, we decided to propose some tips to take into account, based on the experiences of the journalists from the Provecho team.

The most important thing to remember is what each guest must bring or carry to visit any space, be it a bar, a gastronomic market, cafes or restaurants. Regarding the masks different spaces can be accessed with the use of a double mask or with a KN 95. In addition, we recommend bringing some bag or case where you can store it while eating or drinking something. Finally, you must wear the physical or virtual vaccination card and some official identity document, such as DAYS.

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If it is a question of visiting a new restaurant or returning to a place after a good time it is always necessary find out if biosafety protocols are being followed for the prevention and control of COVID-19 established by the Ministry of Health (Minsa). For this, a good idea is check the social networks of the restaurant to be visitedThis way they will be able to know if they have a terrace, how the space is distributed and even see comments from other diners.

If you cannot find this information on your social networks, do not hesitate to write directly to the restaurant in order to confirm or clarify any of your doubts. Another trick, if you want to visit the space but want to avoid the influx of people, is that you can enter the name of the restaurant in an Internet search engine and verify the Busiest hours scheduled according to the day.

Here is an example of the information that you can acquire through search engines, such as Google.  It is important to check the Peak Hours to know what time it is a good idea to go to a restaurant.  (Photo: Screenshot)
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If you want to go to any restaurant, especially a terrace or rooftop, we recommend communicating in advance and ask if you need to make a reservation. In these times, to avoid crowds and comply with established protocols, some spaces are betting on prior reservation to attend.

When visiting the restaurant it is important that check the distribution of the same and opt for tables or spaces with good ventilation. It should be remembered that the Minsa states that it is necessary to ensure that these rooms have adequate ventilation, preferably keeping the windows open. In addition, it continues to be the norm that the physical distance is more than 1.5 meters with other people.

It is always good to be aware that the personnel who treat you have the mask on correctly and it is important to inform them if this does not happen. And, in the case of the diner, it must be remembered that the mask should be kept on until some food or drink is to be consumed.

It is important that when visiting a restaurant all the staff, both kitchen and care, have the masks and are placed correctly.  (Photo: Joel Alonzo / GEC)


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