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Mercado San Ramón: what is it like and what is served on the renovated Calle de las Pizzas?

The recovered San Ramón passage from Miraflores, also recovered from several years of bad reputation, it begins to light up from 6 in the afternoon. It is impossible not to be amazed by the new face of the former Calle de las Pizzas, a face much more friendly, fresh and ‘instagrammable’ than the one we knew until a few months ago.

The passage is now more open, without the abrupt invasions that prevented a quiet walk on the boulevard, with beautiful terraces that invite you to sit quietly and order, as before, a pizza at La Glorietta, this Italian-Peruvian restaurant specialized in artisan pizzas, pastas and Creole food. The Choco Museo, the palace of Peruvian chocolate, also has a terrace to sit and drink a cup of chocolate or its organic cocoa-based desserts. In the new Calle de las Pizzas it is possible to have some Magnolia, Brote, Chlorophyll or Lamiáceas cocktails in the Orquídea bar, live the experience of having a bubble tea in Ten Ren or stay in the sports bar The Old Pub, a business located in this passage since 1997, among many others.

But when walking towards Bellavista street, the impressive and new Mercado San Ramón jumps out. This imposing corner contains a great variety of gastronomic offers that in a single visit will not be able to satiate. It will be necessary to return for the Tarapotina food of Patarashkita, enjoy new experiences with Indian food in Zaika or the amazing natural fruit ice creams frozen in liquid nitrogen from Cool and Cream. The options are so varied that you will have to choose between having chifa, anticuchos, makis, pastas or meats for lunch.

Amazing artisan and healthy ice creams frozen with liquid nitrogen, quite a spectacle.  (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán / GEC)

Advantage He visited some of the places inside the Market and this is what they present:

1. Food Rockers


Nachi Benza, the creator of Food Rockers, a fast food restaurant with full burgers and rock, tells us that he opened this place a little less than a month ago and the success is resounding: “6 years ago we opened the first place in San Borja, this is the second. We also have the food truck that has always been with us at events and concerts ”, Benza tells us as he prepares two of the most famous options in the place.

It is the hamburger of the house, the Rocker Burger, it is like a classic with lettuce and tomato. “They are all double smash, that is, two squashed hamburgers, burned very hard and fast, which is crusted on the outside and juicy on the inside. It goes with double cheddar cheese, an onion ring, pickles and Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, ”describes the chef.

Much Cheese Burger and Rocker Burger are served at the Food Rockers store, inside Mercado San Ramón on the new Calle las Pizzas.  (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán / GEC)

The other equally delicious option is the Much Cheese Burger, one of the most iconic and best-selling. It has three types of cheese: cheddar, edam and mozzarella, and a whole ring of caramelized fried onion. Sold with French fries and Poison, the house drink. Other options are Pop Burgues, Bacon CHeese Burger, Metal Burger, Funky Burger, and more.

2. 1800 Tequila

(Photo: El Comercio)

A huge bar surprises when entering the second floor and is 1800 Tequila. Bartender Fredy Gómez quickly prepares some of the most colorful and eye-catching cocktail options on the menu. The Guaranguito, which immediately reminds us of the famous song by Lucila Campos, has rum, granadilla, passion fruit, mint and jager top. Another cocktail is El plebeyo miraflorino, it goes with whiskey, pineapple syrup, hibiscus flower essence, soda and rosemary and orange decorations, a refreshing cocktail. Another option is La flor de la cinnamon, also a musical name, which with rum, coconut milk and coconut cream, a sweeter option.

Three of the most striking cocktails from the original 1800 Tequila menu at Mercado San Ramón.  (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán / GEC)

3. Bar Medicinal

The Medicinal Bar offers a wide variety of hot and cold infusions, sandwiches and healthy desserts.  (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán / GEC)

With Jorge Zea and Diego Marroquín at the helm, the Medicinal Bar is a comforting option with drinks that take us back to childhood. “From the essences of the plants we make different drink alternatives such as fruity, relaxing, digestive infusions, good for the respiratory system, energy, kombuchas (tea ferment rich in probiotics), fruity smoothies with vegetable milks or natural yogurt”, Zea comments. When preparing these infusions, with abundant Ayacucho honey, the scents of grandmother’s concoctions, with lemon verbena, chamomile, lemon verbena, muña, mint and other Peruvian herbs, appear immediately. Vegan desserts are well worth trying in this space that breathes nature.

Kombucha is one of the most requested preparations at Bar Medicinal.  (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán / GEC)

4. Genoa

Not to miss the Calle de las Pizzas is Genova, a pizzeria with at least 5 types of pizza: pepperoni, ham, three cheeses, Hawaiian and carnivore. All options are sold personal and for the whole family. On average, pizza is made in 10 minutes, depending on the number of orders. In addition, in Genoa they offer caprese, caesar or fresh salads; meat, chicken and cheese empanadas; cheese, pepperoni and ham calzone; panini and drinks like chicha morada, passion fruit and iced coffee.

Genoa serves 5 pizza options instantly.  (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán / GEC)

The variety of stores in Mercado San Ramón is very open, and, in addition to those mentioned, there are others to open. What do you expect to visit them?


  • Location: Calle San Ramón 290, Miraflores
  • Attention from 12 am to 12 am
  • Wi-Fi gratis
  • 100% Pet-friendly
  • Limited capacity
  • When entering the vaccination card and DNI must be shown
  • Learn about all the options installed in the San Ramón Market on your Instagram account:


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