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To the beach with flavor: 5 food deliveries ready for a weekend in front of the sea


Avoiding cooking and just having fun during vacation days is possible since delivery and cooking have matched. In this note we recommend some delicious options to enjoy for lunch, breakfast or dinner, frozen or prepared and almost ready to serve. Gourmet food, desserts and a variety of snacks can easily arrive at your house and ready to be transferred to the beach.

It is important to remember that some of the orders must be placed 24 hours in advance.

1. Delitaller

Delitaller de Fiorella Corrochano is a gourmet food space with dishes ready to heat and serve. They offer tasty and elaborate appetizers, appetizers or frozen funds to take to the beach and just wait a few minutes while the oven does its job. Ideal for a celebration or a special moment, lunch or dinner. Their chard and artichoke pie has a creamy cheese filling, arrives frozen and goes into the oven for 30 minutes, as does a leek quiche with cheese for 8 servings, or the risoni al funghi for 4 people. The roast beef for 5 or 10 portions is the ideal dinner to enjoy near the sea with the family, it arrives fully prepared and packaged practically ready to heat and serve. The variety is abundant with options for ‘air fryer’ and oven.


  • Orders: Visit delitaller.com, by WhatsApp 994144172 and rappi. If you are in Asia you can find their products at @asiacornerdelivery. See delivery areas
  • Card: https://delitaller.com/carta/
  • Instagram:

2. Ehne

This option offers frozen artisanal food deliveries ideal for taking them to the beach. You will find potato, cauliflower or carrot creams; Bolognese, vegetable and sea lasagna weighing 1 kilo for 2 or 3 people. Another option is the spinach and leek quiches for 4 or 6 people; yucca cake with burgos cheese; Eggplant and meat moussaka, as well as precooked meatballs, durok bacon, BBQ ribs and raw meats such as shrimp burgers and Huachana sausage.

Lasagnas are shipped frozen to maintain flavor.  (Instagram: Ehne Deli)


3. The Brickyard

It offers gourmet artisan products made in Cieneguilla. La Ladrillera has a wide variety of options for those who are looking for snacks, chips, sauces or dressings to keep in the pantry and enrich beach breakfasts, lunches or dinners. It is about delicious flavors outside the traditional ones. Beetroot, tomato, carrot, zucchini and onion creams; special vinaigrettes of orange, mustard, lemon and more; olive oil or mango chutney and garlic mix with dehydrated herbs, and countless options that include jams and dehydrated fruits are part of its catalog and can be ordered for delivery.

Hearts of baby palm in brine.  (Instagram: The Brickyard)


  • Catalog and orders: https://linktr.ee/laladrillera
  • Telephone: 988682246
  • Instagram:

4. Alexandra Lasagnas

It is a delicious option that is not lost and can be easily transferred to the beach house, this is Alexandra Lasagnas lasagna. Among the favorites are the bolognese lasagna; of pesto and confit tomatoes; of mushrooms and artichokes; roast, bolognese and mushrooms; or the special of prosciutto and loin. It is only necessary to take them to the oven for 45 minutes at 180° C. This business, which was founded in 1996, also offers desserts such as chocolate cake, chocolate marshmallows and cherry bavaoirs, as well as salads, cheeses and quiches.

Find unforgettable lasagnas options on the Alexandra Lasagnas website.


  • Orders: WhatsApp 995744911 and www.alexandralasagnas.com
  • Instagram:

5. La Pastana

La Pastana has created an endless catalog of baked lasagna options that can be eaten instantly. Among the most outstanding are its traditional meat lasagna, Alfredo style, caprese, with Andean cheese, spinach pasta, wholemeal pasta with zucchini, recoto and the ones you can imagine because it also gives you the chance to create your own lasagna with your favorite ingredients.

In addition, they offer antipasti, complements such as milanese with Neapolitan loin, salmon with five spices, thin loin with juice or mushroom sauce and much more.

Lasagnas are a good source of hearty and good-tasting food.  (Instagram: La Pastana)


  • Orders: Rappi, OrdensYa or their website www.lapastana.com
  • Instagram:




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