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Ozu: what is sold in the restaurant that takes you to Asia with its proposal?

Ozu: what is sold in the restaurant that takes you to Asia with its proposal?

Teleportation is not possible yet. However, there is a restaurant that promises to take its guests to the other side of the world in one bite. This is Ozu, a space that has been delighting palates for four years with an Asian-Peruvian gastronomic proposal and whose avant-garde style cocktails make a perfect match with each of the dishes. The journey is just beginning, do not miss the details.

“Ozu is a fusion food restaurant (Asian – Peruvian). We take a little from each of the countries in Asia, mainly from Thailand. We bring products and spices from Thai food, to give certain aromas and flavors to the dishes. All areas work as a block. Both the kitchen and the bar have that oriental-Peruvian concept that the restaurant points to”, says Christian Rivas, head chef of this gastronomic space, to Probecho de El Comercio.

The chef points out that they have included typical dishes of Peruvian cuisine in the menu, but adding oriental touches “to break with the schemes”. Among them is, for example, Ozu Duck Rice. To achieve the perfect flavor, the meat is vacuum-cooked for 18 hours over low heat. The dish is accompanied with sarza criolla and costs 70 soles.

Another main dish that Rivas recommends is the Red Curry, prawns, holantao, zucchini and mushrooms. This delicacy costs 57 soles.

Before going for the main dishes, you could share with friends or family some special makis, among them are the Ozu Maki, which has nori fry on the outside, smoked trout, cream cheese, ebi barra, shari, salmon, quinoa pop and ginger honey; You can also order Volcán, stuffed with kiuri, ebi tempura and gratin seafood mix. This section of the menu has multiple options and costs 39 soles.

On the other side of this extensive menu, there are the tiraditos and ceviches. To begin the journey is the Nikkei Tiradito, which has tuna bathed in Nikkei sauce with threads of coriander and chili pepper. The classic Ceviche Carretillero is also present. Prices do not exceed 50 soles.

As for the cocktails, they have a variety of chilcanos and avant-garde drinks such as the Panda Cocktail, which has vodka, prosecco, guava jam, lemon verbena and pink grapefruit juice. The person in charge of bringing it to the table will do the magic (the drink will be covered in smoke).

Ozu is located at 4862 Benavides Avenue, in the Surco district, and reservations are managed through WhatsApp 980838434. The restaurant has two private boxes, which can accommodate between eight and twelve people. Do you dare to visit them? Leave your comments on our social networks.

  • The hours of operation are from Monday to Saturday from 12:30 to 10:00 pm On Sundays they are open until 5:00 pm
  • Find them on social media like @Ozufusion