Economy Pablo Casado ironizes with the family photo of the...

Pablo Casado ironizes with the family photo of the new Government of Pedro Sánchez: “The 22 ministers are like two football teams with different shirts”


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The president of the PP returns to visit Girona on his Catalan tour, a province where he aspires to regain the seat lost in the 2017 elections

Pablo Casado’s agenda has, for four months, at least one weekly appointment in Cataluña. The president of PP He is turning his efforts to ensure that his party can improve, on February 14, the results obtained in the last autonomous elections, when he ran out of his own group in the Parliament going from eleven to four deputies.

Despite the fact that the bulk of its electoral muscle is in Barcelona, Casado knows that the PP also plays a lot in places of clear independence dominance such as Girona The Lleida. The leader popular today visits the first of these two provinces, a circumscription that reflected in 2017 the electoral decline of the party, which was left without representation for the first time since 1995. In the last elections, Ciudadanos doubled its number of seats in Girona (from two to four), while the PP list lost half of the more than 22,600 votes that had supported Enric Millo in 2015.

In mid-January, Casado met with the president of the Girona Chamber of Commerce, Jaume Fega corny, and in December he did so with leaders of fishermen’s associations in the coastal municipality of Roses. The PP’s commitment to focus its speech on the economic recovery Today again has a new chapter in the province, where it meets this afternoon with representatives of the sector turístico. Previously, the leader popular has participated this morning in an act with affiliates in Figueres next to the head of the provincial cartel, Maria à ?? ngels Olmedo, which repeats as one number.

In his speech, Casado has ironic with the family photo of the Minister council, held this morning after joining the government of Miquel Iceta as holder of Política Territorial and the change of portfolio of Carolina Darias to take charge of Health: “The 22 ministers they are like two soccer teams with different jerseys, who play 11 against 11 in favor of the interests of their parties and not of the Spaniards. at a very difficult time, “he added.

Although he has referred to “Groundhog Day of the procés” and the pacts between the PSOE and the Catalan independence parties, the president of the PP has dedicated most of his messages to the economía. Casado has asked “not to demonize a sector fundamental to the national wealth”, referring to tourism and the hostelería, and has targeted the Executive of Pedro Sánchez. “They say it is low value-added, precarious, and seasonal, which is just what we think of the government.” Therefore, he has urged “the left already nationalists” to support a shocking plan that the PP has registered today in the Congress of Deputies and that includes measures such as reducing the VAT 4% tourism, direct aid to the sector, or tax exemption in the absence of income.

The top leader of the PP has also claimed that “the flexibility of the labor reform which created three million jobs “to face” the chilling figure of five million unemployed “, in reference to the public employment data released today.

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