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Pets can no longer be confiscated from people in debt


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A dog and a cat (illustration). – CATERS/SIPA

Russian animal rights activists on Wednesday welcomed the ban on confiscating the pets of people in debt, voted the day before by Parliament. The Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament, approved these amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure on Tuesday at third reading.

Pets, especially purebred dogs and cats which can be very expensive, could until now be confiscated by the authorities from people in debt. Like the confiscation of real estate or furniture, it was a means of pressure aimed at forcing these people to pay their debts.

“A living being must not become a hostage”

Although this practice is not widespread, “the possibility of confiscating an animal for debts was absolutely blasphemous,” commented the head of the Alliance of Animal Defenders Yuri Koretskikh. “A living being must not become a hostage to settle financial questions,” he stressed.

“The confiscation of a pet is a very painful procedure, these amendments will prevent the tragedies that can take place if the bailiffs confiscate an animal”, for his part reacted the head of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin who supported the project. These amendments thus “defined that the animal is not an object, but a living being which experiences emotions, including pain”, explained their authors.



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