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Christiane Taubira wants “a modern democracy”

The candidate for the Elysée Christiane Taubira said on Sunday in the JDD wanting “a modern democracy”, promising “a real separation of powers” ​​with, for example, the abolition of recourse to article 49.3 of the Constitution or the right to dissolve the Assembly.

Article 49.3 allows the Prime Minister to engage his responsibility on a text of law and thus have it adopted without a vote of Parliament. “I want to put France, with the French, on the path to a new Republic and put an end to the presidential monarchy”, explains Christiane Taubira, launched in the race for the Elysée for only three weeks. “I don’t want an all-powerful, all-knowing president. We are coming out of a very Bonapartist presidency. This conception of the state has infantilized the people, ”says the candidate, credited with 4 to 6% of the voting intentions.

“I will also abolish the right of dissolution”

For her, Emmanuel Macron “did not understand the yellow vests, nor the pension movement, nor the climate convention. He launched billions and offered himself a great debate which was only a show. (…) But that’s not a modern democracy”.

Wishing “a real separation of powers”, she believes that “we must give Parliament back control of its agenda and its agenda. I will remove 49.3, which is a forced passage, ”she adds. “I will also remove the right of dissolution. When the National Assembly annoys it, the president forces it or dissolves it: it is no longer possible, ”continues the former Keeper of the Seals of François Hollande.

She is committed “for the citizens’ initiative referendum”

She also promises “that citizens’ amendments” will be “proposed, debated and adopted in Parliament”, and is committed “for the citizens’ initiative referendum”. The presidential candidate promises to organize a referendum on the nuclear issue, explaining that she is not personally in favor of its revival.

Finally, to make the National Assembly more representative, she proposes “to introduce obligations in terms of social parity and generational parity” on the lists of candidates, “as there was gender parity”. “With a Parliament thus renewed, the questions of wages and solidarity will be permanently on the agenda”, assures the one who won the popular primary last Sunday.

Source: 20minutes

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