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Bernard Cazeneuve will leave the PS in the event of an agreement with LFI

Bernard Cazeneuve will leave the PS in the event of an agreement with LFI

Bernard Cazeneuve will leave the PS in the event of an agreement with LFI

On the left, the prospect of a great union is not unanimous. Former Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced on Tuesday on social networks that he would leave the PS in the event of a legislative agreement with La France insoumise. The socialist believes that its leaders have “lost their compass” of a “republican socialism”.

An agreement for the legislative elections could occur in the evening between the two formations, like the agreements of the Insoumis with EELV and the PCF, despite “blockages” which persist on the distribution of constituencies.

The “denial of our convictions”

But, just like a minority current of the party and other figures like François Hollande, Bernard Cazeneuve refuses this prospect of agreement, which “would signify the denial of our convictions and the forgetting of our achievements, a breach of our history, a renunciation of the future”.

“Because I am loyal to republican socialism and will remain so, I cannot, in conscience and in responsibility, remain in the party whose leaders will have forgotten what founds it and lost their compass,” he wrote.

“Rebuilding this socialist force”

In this case of departure from the PS, Bernard Cazeneuve hopes for the creation of a new formation: “It is up to the Socialists, again and again, to rebuild this force which must once again become the pillar of the alternation to which our voters aspire and which deserves our country. »

According to him, “in politics, defeat does not explain everything nor can it justify everything”. The former Minister of the Interior taunts “the current leaders of the Socialist Party who have engaged, without consulting members, in negotiations with LFI”, “while Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s party has fought the Socialist Party relentlessly”.

The “Choice of Dignity”

He tackles, in reference to the recurring disagreements between the two formations on secularism, Europe and the economy: “A few hours would have been enough to forget the most fundamental differences, or rather to silence them”.

For him, it would be better a “choice of dignity” for the legislative elections: “To appear before voters proud of our values ​​and under our colors in the first round, in order to unite with the other formations of the Republican left and the ecologists on the second.

Source: 20minutes

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