PoliticsDissidents and proud of it, how do they go...

Dissidents and proud of it, how do they go about justifying their candidacies?


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The legislative elections are approaching and internal arrangements continue to find out who will be entitled to the nomination or not, especially on the left after the agreement described as historic obtained last week. Rebellious, brazen or disgusted by the turn of events, fallen candidates still decide to maintain their candidacies, despite the official decisions of their political family. Overview of the different motivations of these dissidents.


The dissident who plays on all fronts

Scratching at the door of La République en Marche for a few weeks, Manuel Valls was finally invested by Emmanuel Macron’s party in the 5th constituency of French people living abroad, which includes Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Monaco. What offend the deputy on the spot Stéphane Vojetta who intended to seek a new mandate under the LREM label. Surprised, the one who calls himself the “natural candidate” in this constituency has still decided to maintain his candidacy. A little resentful Stéphane Vojetta who announced that he wanted to remain loyal to the President of the Republic, despite the disavowal of the Republic on the move.

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On the other side of the Mediterranean, in the 10th district of Haute-Garonne, the investitures of Renaissance (ex-LREM) also caused some disappointment. The name of the lucky winner stopped on Dominique Faure, the mayor of Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, a town near Toulouse. A slap for Réda Zitouni who is really not in favor of the policy pursued by the elected official whom he considers very close to “the right-wing majority Les Républicains” in the Metropolis of Toulouse. Neither one nor two, Réda Zitouni preferred to chart his course by announcing his candidacy for the legislative elections, without receiving the nomination En Marche. “I will therefore be a candidate in our constituency, but always in support of Emmanuel Macron”, continued the engineer and parliamentary collaborator in a press release.

The dissident who plays the flashy support card

North of Paris, in the 15th district of Paris more precisely, the choice of Danielle Simonnet invested by the New Popular Ecologist and Social Union (Nupes) did not enthuse among the tenors of the PS. For good reason, in this part of the 20th arrondissement of Paris, the socialist nomination was promised to the outgoing deputy Lamia El Aaraje. In support, Lionel Jospin and other figures of the left have stepped up to consider the socialist as “the legitimate candidate”. A tour de force little appreciated by Danielle Simonnet who has never ceased to recall the contours of the agreement. “Any dissidence plays into Emmanuel Macron’s game! “, claimed the Insoumise, after meeting the two rebels in full tow on a market Sunday, May 8. An awkward encounter for everyone.

  • The dissident who tricked us into local anchoring
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Famous magic trick of local elected officials to decide to disobey their parties: the map of love of the territory. As often, this campaign for the legislative elections will have revealed new enthusiasts. In the 5th constituency of Morbihan, for example, the mayor of Ploemeur Ronan Loas announced that he would maintain his candidacy under the Horizons label, the party of former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe against LREM candidate Lysiane Métayer. “After having consulted my supporters, such as the actors of the territory, mayors and local elected officials, I maintain my candidacy which I had never conditioned on any Parisian green light”, tackled Ronan Loas in a press release.

  • The dissident who wants to pierce the parachutes

More than a parachute drop, it is a free fall test which is currently being held in the 14th district of the Rhône, already strongly shaken by the controversy surrounding the investiture of journalist Taha Bouhafs by the Nupes who ended up dropping the affair. Because the anti-racist activist was not from Vénissieux, the main town of this constituency, but from Isère, which displeased the politicians left out by the agreement of the left.

“Here in the 14th district, there is a questionable parachute against someone who knows the territory very well. We manage the daily life with all the difficulties. We need a candidate who knows the local realities to be able to legislate ”, notably launched the communist mayor of Vénissieux, Michèle Picard, who announced that she would maintain her candidacy. A dissidence which could be doubled by the potential candidacy of the socialist Lotfi Ben Khelifa. “It is not Olivier Faure who decides”, decided the municipal councilor PS of Vénissieux who declared to Lyon Capitale that he would wait for “a collective decision” with his socialist colleagues.

On the other side of France, these legislative elections will certainly not be Gérald Dahan’s favorite sketch for the Socialists. In the 3rd district of Charente-Maritime, France Insoumise propelled the imitator, who in 2017 had been presented far from the department, in the Hauts-de-Seine. What challenge the local PS candidate Fabrice Barusseau who announced that he had no intention of withdrawing. Declared a candidate for a few weeks already, the mayor of Villars-les-Bois castigated: “In this context, I maintain my candidacy”. Before adding: “I am inserted nowhere, therefore I am not dissident of any party”.

  • The dissident who values ​​his sacrosanct freedom

The legislative elections are for some the way to free themselves from the shackles of the big political parties. In the 2nd district of Côtes-d’Armor, the mayor of Saint-Méloir-des-Bois Michel Desbois presented himself as a “free candidate”. “Faithful to my commitments, to my humanist, European and progressive values, I want to be part of a constructive approach,” launched the politician, who was nevertheless included in Les Républicains. A risky choice for the departmental councilor who will have to face two opponents in this solo race, one from the majority and the other from the National Rally.

  • The dissident who scares no one

Bitter surprise on the Corrèze side. In the famous stronghold of the former President of the Republic François Hollande, the Nupes has decided to invest a rebellious candidate. “A form of inelegance”, denounced this Monday morning by the socialist on the antenna of France inter. Casting doubt, the ex-president said he had until May 20 to submit a potential dissident candidacy. Not enough to wake up any revolt within the Socialist Party, however.

Source: 20minutes

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Janice Thomas is a content editor at 24 News Recorder. She has 5 years of journalism experience and she he is a graduate of Wittenberg University and holds a master’s degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.


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