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Despite a falling score, The Republicans, kingmakers of the next five-year term?

Despite a falling score, The Republicans, kingmakers of the next five-year term?

Despite a falling score, The Republicans, kingmakers of the next five-year term?

Defeat in national elections seems to be becoming a form of routine. Two months after the huge crash of Valérie Pécresse in the presidential election (4.78% of the vote), the right only obtained fourth place in the first round of the legislative elections, with 10.42% of the vote at the national level. But as Parisian elected official Rachida Dati recalled on TF1, “The Republicans are not dead”. By relying on their powerful local network, the right has saved the furniture everywhere in the territory and will have a central role in the days to come. His electorate will play the arbiters in many constituencies, while future LR deputies could become a pivotal group for Emmanuel Macron.

A good reserve of votes for the candidates of the presidential camp

“We were buried after the presidential election, but we are a force that is there, very present. Our territorial anchoring allowed us to achieve a correct result, which will allow us to obtain more seats than what the polls predicted for us”, breathes Julien Arnaud, member of the LR national office and departmental secretary of the Hérault federation. . Sunday evening, the right and their centrist allies thus qualified in approximately 70 constituencies. In the approximately 500 other legislative elections, the right will have to arbitrate many duels.

Christian Jacob gave the voting instructions on Sunday, ensuring that “no votes for the extremes” should be given. The party boss implicitly asks his voters to support the candidates of the presidential coalition (Together!) when it is opposed to the left (Nupes) or the National Rally. “We made almost 11% at the national level. So the score of our eliminated candidates will be an important reservoir of votes for certain candidates of the presidential majority, ”assures an elected LR.

“We can become a pivotal group”

For the rest, the right is in the lead in 40 constituencies. According to the seat projections of the various polls, LR and the UDI can hope to obtain between 33 and more than 70 seats in the future Assembly, against a hundred today. A significant drop, which should make Nupes the main opposition group to Emmanuel Macron. But paradoxically, the right could have a decisive role in the next five-year term. If there is no absolute majority in the presidential coalition, the LR-UDI group would have a key role in passing the texts.

“The last five years, we were already in a responsible and not systematic opposition like LFI. But this time, we can become a pivotal group, have more weight on Emmanuel Macron’s policy. It is for example necessary to reform pensions, or to take measures so that work pays more ”, indicates the outgoing deputy Virginie Duby-Muller (LR) who arrived in the lead on Sunday in the 4th district of Haute-Savoie.

“We will not be in a coalition, we will not govern with the president. But he may need to fetch 20 to 40 MPs for each bill. On each amendment, they will have to discuss step by step with our deputies and our senators, hear our proposals, this will allow a rebalancing, ”adds Julien Arnaud. Within the presidential camp, this scenario is described as “political fiction”, preferring to insist on “the mobilization of candidates Together! qualified in 3/4 of the constituencies”. But by dismissing the far right and the far left back to back since Sunday evening, the macronie is already taking a first step towards right-wing voters and future elected LRs of Parliament.

Source: 20minutes

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