PoliticsOutgoing deputy, Monique Iborra re-elected thanks to 3 votes...

Outgoing deputy, Monique Iborra re-elected thanks to 3 votes in advance


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Every voice counts. This mantra of certain candidates during the elections takes on its full meaning in the 6th district of Haute-Garonne. Sunday, Monique Iborra, the deputy of the outgoing majority, was re-elected against the socialist candidate Fabien Jouvé, invested by Nupes, thanks to three small votes. She re-enlisted for a fourth term by obtaining 50% of the votes cast, ie perfect equality on paper, but counted 27,569 votes when her opponent only obtained 27,566.

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A very, very tight gap therefore between the two candidates, far from the 55.87% that the former midwife had obtained in 2017, during the LREM wave which had affected Haute-Garonne. At 77, Monique Iborra has, during two previous terms, between 2007 and 2017, occupied the benches of the Palais-Bourbon under the colors of the Socialist Party.

She had been excluded in 2016, preferring to support Philippe Saurel in the race for regional rather than the official candidate of his party, Carole Delga.

Discover the results of the first round of the 2022 legislative elections by constituency in each city and department.


Source: 20minutes

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