PoliticsEducation, immigration… Christian Jacob will make “a series of...

Education, immigration… Christian Jacob will make “a series of proposals” by the fall


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The Republicans will make by the fall “a series of proposals” on various subjects ranging from education to immigration, said Monday the president of LR


The latter intends to keep his party in the initiative in a role of “responsible opposition”. “We are in opposition to the government of Emmanuel Macron and we remain on this line”, he assures.

No coalition

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In this context, there is “no question of a pact, coalition or agreement of any kind”, added Jacob, while LR could theoretically represent the necessary support for Emmanuel Macron to vote for his reforms.

On the other hand, LR will be “force of proposal on each of the proposed texts”, he added. “We will present either before the end of the summer or in the autumn a series of proposals on the various subjects which concern the French”, he assured.

oppositions within the opposition

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A line of “almost unanimous” opposition, he added, while the mayor of Meaux Jean-François Copé made waves by talking about a government pact on Sunday evening.

As for the idea of ​​​​new starts for the macronie, Christian Jacob considered that “in terms of poaching, what had to be done has been done, I do not have much concern”.


Asked about a possible vote of confidence in the government, he assured that “no LR deputy will vote for confidence. But I think it will not be requested.

Source: 20minutes

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